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The Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) is urging local councils to exercise financial prudence amid continued revelations of massive plunder of public resources.

The ACB continues to send out officials to investigate the squander of the funds the councils.

Investigating councils begun, following President Pater Mutharika’s allegations of corrupt practices by ward councillors, when awarding road contracts.

The Malawi leader argued that the corruption in awarding road contracts in councils, is leading to roads of substandard quality being constructed.

Concerns have also been raised on the mismanagement of funds by local councils, especially those meant for the District Development, and Local Development Fund.

In other districts where the investigations have been concluded, it has been discovered that massive corruption is taking place and officials are being prosecuted.

Director General of the ACB, Reyneck Matemba points out that the graft busting institution will not leave those involved in corruption scot free.

He further observes that the Bureau spends huge sums of money on corruption investigations which could be used for other developmental activities in the country.

“We will continue investigating councils across the country to ensure that people exercise financial prudence because councils are now managing huge sums of money which requires in-depth tracking so that people do not take advantage to abuse funds,” Matemba explained.

Currently the graft busting body is also partnering with organisations to educate the public so that they help in empowering Malawians by making them aware of what is happening around them and what they should expect from their councils.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) is neither confirming nor denying a report that they are set to arrest the former Minister of Agriculture, George Chaponda, over his alleged involvement in the ADMARC Maize Scandal.

This follows the completion of the investigations by the Bureau, in which ADMARC is accused of flouting procurement procedures when purchasing Maize from Zambia.

Chaponda and other officials of ADMARC were accused of playing a significant role the maize saga.

This was contained in the findings of both the Commission of Inquiry instituted by President Mutharika, and the joint parliamentary committee of Agriculture and Finance that investigated the matter.

Two ADMARC officials, the Chief Executive Officer Foster Mulumbe and Director of Operations Feckson Kamtonga, have been suspended over the scandal.

Chaponda has on several occasions attempted to clear his name, claiming he never had a hand in the mess.

But recently he was quoted in the media disclosing that he can get arrested as many have already gave him judgement on the matter.

Speaking to Capital FM, Senior Public Relations Officer of the ACB, Egrita Ndala, claims the Bureau does not reveal any information implying that they are intending to arrest the former minister.

She added that she is not even aware of the report emphasising that as the ACB such a complex issue would not be made public because that is not how the bureau operates.

In February this year, the ACB raided Chaponda’s home and office in Lilongwe.

This was after a recommendation by the commission of inquiry into Malawi’s maize imports from Zambia that he should be investigated.

The inquiry has discovered that Chaponda involvement in the matter raised numerous questions.

The Bureau seized cash in local and foreign currencies amounting to an accumulated figure of MK200 Million.

After raiding the former minister’s residence, the ACB also searched Mulumbe’s home where files and computers were seized.

Now four months since the incident, both the ACB and the police are maintaining that they are still investigating the matter and cannot make any arrests without completing their investigations. 

A court in Malawi has released on bail seven people who were arrested on September for being suspected of abusing public funds.

The Malawi Police Service says it has not made new arrests in connection to the murder of the director of Corporate Services of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).

The citizenry in Malawi resounding calls for President Mutharika to act on the suspects allegedly involved in the cash gate scandal.

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