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A court in Chikwawa district has handed down a 12 year-jail sentence to Joseph Moses after finding him guilty of sexually attacking a five-year-old girl.

Moses, 22, was sentenced on Thursday before the district's First Grade Magistrate Court.

Police Prosecutor, George Hussein, said the convict is said to have defiled the child in the evening of  April 5, 2018 within his house at Chambuluka Village under Traditional Authority Maseya's area in the district.

At that time, narrated the Police Prosecutor Sergeant, the victim's mother was away searching for her husband at a nearby market.

"Taking advantage, the suspect, who is a neighbour to the victim’s family, abducted the child from the mat outside the house and dragged her into his bedroom where he defiled her," he explained in court.

On her return, the mother got wind of the suspect's act, and confronted him on the matter.

"Sensing danger, Moses decided to flee but was quickly apprehended by members of the community who later handed him to the police,” the Police Prosecutor narrated.

The victim was referred to Chikwawa District Hospital where a medical examination on her showed that she had really been defiled.

In defence, Moses denied the charge and the state had to unleash three witnesses on him.

He was subsequently found guilty of the charge which is contrary to Section 138 of the Penal code of Malawi.

Prosecutor Hussein submitted that a stiff sentence must be imposed on the accused as the child had been traumatized.

First Grade Magistrate Gladstone Chilundu shared the state's argument and further lamented the rise of defilement cases in the district, saying that people of Moses's caliber are a threat to society who deserves harsh penalties.

He later convicted and ordered Moses to spend the next 12 years in prison as a measure to stop others from indulging in similar acts.

Political commentators are describing the conduct of some DPP legislators who openly challenged president Mutharika as an indication that time of political party’s imposing candidates is over.

Some DPP legislators who have been supporting the candidature of Vice President Saulos Chilima were summoned to Sanjika Palace on Tuesday where they openly told Mutharika that he cannot win next year’s elections hence he should accept to bow down for the good of the party.

MP’s Patricia Kaliati and Noel Masangwi together with Councillor Lewis Ngalende were invited to a meeting with the President where the Chairperson for Mulakho wa Alhomwe Leston Mulli and Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa were also in attendance.

Some DPP legislators are also reported to have deliberately shunned yesterday’s press conference conducted by their colleagues to declare support for the candidature of Mutharika in Lilongwe.

Out of 86 DPP legislators half were not present at the meeting.

The development is a new phenomenon in Malawi’s politics where MP’s always tow their party line without question.

Commenting on the issue Vincent Kondowe a Mzuzu based Political Commentator reveals that democracy in the country is now maturing.

CSOs Demand Transparency

The Civil Society is demanding documentation proving that the money shared among college students when they held a meeting with President Peter Mutharika over the weekend does not belong to the tax payers.

Reports reveal that each of the 1,200 students pocketed MK20, 000 which brings the total to MK24 million on allowances.

The DPP coordinator of activities in Colleges Chimwemwe Chipungu was quoted to have indicated that the party and not the government was responsible for giving the money to the students.

Speaking to Capital FM Executive Director for the Youth and Society Charles Kajoloweka, points out that documents indicating the source of the money must be made public.

He further says that ahead of the 2019 elections the DPP being the party in government is prone to abuse public resources.


An 18–year–old boy has committed suicide by hanging himself in Thyolo, Malawi News Agency (Mana) has learnt.

Limbe Police Deputy Public Relations Officer, Widson Nhlane, told Mana on Tuesday that the deceased, Yamikani Bakuli, went missing on Thursday last week after leaving his home to seek employment in Limbe.

“According to the deceased’s uncle, Willard Chifufuteni, Bakuli went missing on May 10, 2018 after he said he was going to Limbe to look for a job.

“Surprisingly, on May 13 during day time, he was found hanging on the rafters of his house,” said Nhlane.

The deputy Police PRO further said the dead body was later taken to Bvumbwe Health Centre in Thyolo where postmortem results showed that death was due to suffocation.

Meanwhile, Police is appealing to people across the country to share their problems with someone else in the neighborhood or report to Victim Support Unit for possible solution, instead of committing suicide.

The deceased hailed from Sakoma Village in the area of Traditional Authority Bvumbwe in Thyolo.

Health authorities in Malawi are assuring citizens that all is well for making sure that the Ebola outbreak that has been confirmed in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) does not spread to the country.

This is amid fears that have surrounded Malawians where some of its soldiers and police officers are in the DRC on peacekeeping missions.

On Tuesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed of the outbreak.

In an interview with Capital FM, Mathew Kagoli who is the Deputy Director Responsible for Preventive Health Services in the Ministry of Health disclosed the situation is under control.

“We work and monitor what is happening locally and internationally, we collaborate with the WHO to see what is happening outside Malawi. We’re continuously assessing the risk in terms of transmission of disease into the country,” he highlighted.

Kagoli added that, “As a country we have systems in our boarders that we screen people that are coming in to make sure that everything which is of public health concern is detected and taken care of.”

On his part, a health rights activist Kestings Chilopa of the Malawi Health Equity Network (MHEN) has called for the intensification of screening services at airports and border posts if the outbreak is to be prevented in the country.

“Those soldiers who are just within DRC should go for screening before they come to Malawi as a precautionary measure otherwise we may get the disease so easily,” emphasised the MHEN official.

At least seventeen people have died in the north-west of the DRC following the outbreak.

From 2014-2016 the Ebola virus killed more than 11,000 people in some west African countries.

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