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TNM Plc has handed over the third monthly grand prize of a brand new Toyota Hilux of its summer promotion dubbed Kwatentha to a Kanjedza resident Rex Chingakule.

Chingakule, 36, emerged the winner of the third brand new Toyota Hilux in Kwatentha promotion after recharging his phone with MK400 worth of airtime   on January 26, 2018 which qualified him to the monthly draw.

Speaking after receiving his prize Chingakule said he was excited to be among the lucky winners of the promotion which aimed to reward customers for their support to TNM.

“I feel great, this is awesome because out of millions customers out there and being one of the lucky winners, it’s something that I will remember the rest of my life and words alone can't express the way I feel. This prize will transform my life quite a lot,” said Chingakule

Chingakule urged Malawians to continue supporting the local ICT and mobile company for   always thinking of giving back to its customers.

TNM Acting CEO Eric Valentine said through Kwatentha, the converged mobile network and ICT service provider has fulfilled its goal of changing lives and connecting Malawians.

“Through our investment in Kwatentha Promotion, TNM has reaffirmed our position as the only mobile network and ICT service provider with the unparalled capability to create possibilities, connect and change lives of Malawians,” he said.

Launched on November 9, 2017 Kwatentha promotion aimed to reward both new and existing customers for switching to TNM and staying on Malawi’s own mobile and ICT network.

TNM has given out a total of 3 brands new Toyota Hilux each valued at MK19.8 million, to 3 lucky winners. The first Toyota Hilux went to Linda Ngulube, a Chirimba resident while Mr Kenneth Msowoya of Mlowe in Rumphi emerged the second lucky winner.

Apart from the 3 Toyota Hilux vehicles, TNM over the past 3 months has also dished out Huawei smart phones, power banks, branded t-shirts and caps to over 1400 customers across its four operating regions.

To qualify for fortnightly and monthly draws customers were required to top up with a minimum of MK200 or more and stay active on the network. Customers were also getting instant rewards of free minutes and data for recharges from a minimum of MK100.

Launched on November 9th 2017 Kwatentha promotion ended on 9th February 2018.

Opposition political parties have a very big task to do, if they are to convince the electorate to vote for them during next year’s tripartite elections.

Political commentators are rating the parties, especially those that are not in parliament, poorly and that they can hardly make an impact in the elections.

The parties are holding on to their plans to form an alliance ahead of the elections;

Two years have elapsed since a number of opposition political parties unveiled plans to work together ahead of next year’s elections.

These include the Malawi Forum for Unity and Development (MAFUNDE), the Peoples Progressive Movement-PPM, the New Labor Party and the United Independence Party-UIP.

With the journey to 2019 now getting hotter and hotter, the party’s claim, they haven’t given up on those plans.

George Mnesa who is president of MAFUNDE said, “We still have plans to work together as political parties in the opposition more especially with the impending 50+1 bill wich we hope will soon get passed. I cannot mention the parties but they are more than five.”

Primarily, the move of forming an alliance is aimed at enhancing their chances of making it into government, but, is this achievable?

Vincent Kondowe, who is a member of the Political Science Association, thinks otherwise.

Kondowe believes that for a party to be given a chance to lead a lead they need to have structures to enable them to have a campaign that can help them garner gains, however many of the parties do not have much to work on, on the ground.

Already, the political grouping has been dealt big blows.

This is due to the death of UIP President Hellen Sing, last year, and just last week the demise of New Labour Party leader, Sam Mpasu.

The Malawi Electoral Commission on Tuesday launched the 2019 tripartite elections today, in Lilongwe, which marks the beginning of several activities to be implemented.

It is anticipated that the tripartite elections will be held on May 21 2019.

Surely, it also wakes up all the stakeholders, political parties in particular as some are seemingly in deep slumber, and surely, they need to be on their feet.

The political landscape has been gripped by shock after an announcement of the death of former Education Minister and Speaker of Parliament Sam Mpasu.

Stanley Wasi, a relation to Mpasu confirmed the sad development saying that Mpasu was found dead on Thursday morning at his home in Blantyre.

At the time of his death, Mpasu was the President of The New Labour Party.

Speaking to Capital FM, one of the countries veteran politicians and an ally to the deceased Humphreys Mvula laments that the country has lost a politician who truly loved Malawi.

Born in 1945, Mpasu was a Malawian politician, author, and former diplomat.

He served as Minister of Commerce, Secretary General of the United Democratic Front (UDF) in 1999, and speaker of the Malawi National Assembly.

He served as a diplomat in the Foreign Service for the Malawi mission to Germany.

While in diplomatic service in Germany, he wrote a book in 1975 entitled Nobody’s Friend, which got him arrested because the Kamuzu Banda regime thought that it was written about Kamuzu Banda.

He was detained without trial for “two years, one month, one week, and one day” in Mikuyu Prison from 1975 to 1977.

From 1978 Mpasu worked at Lever Brothers (now Unilever) in various capacities until 1988 when he was seconded to run the Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI).

In 1991, while working for Xerographics, he joined a secret group headed by ex Secretary General of the, Malawi Congress Party turned businessman Bakili Muluzi whose aim was to build up opposition to Banda.

The United Democratic Front was voted into government in 1994.
Mpasu was elected Member of Parliament for Ntcheu Central, appointed Minister of Education and Government Chief Whip in Parliament.

He later served as Minister of Commerce and Speaker of the Malawi House of Assembly.

His appointment as Minister of Commerce met with a lot of resistance since he was the Speaker of the House at that time.

The court attempted to block President Bakili Muluzi from posting him to this position. Mpasu later accepted it.

In 2008 a Malawian court sentenced him to a six-year prison sentence over charges of corruption and abuse of office which was famously know as the Field Yark Scandle dating back 14 years. He was released from jail in 2010 instead of 2014 due to good behaviour.

After the 2014 election he became present of the New Labour party where he became a, lone voice replacing Friday Jumbe, a former cabinet colleague who resigned from active politics.

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on Monday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with hip-hop artist Fred Penjani Kaluwa, popularly known as Fredokiss as its first champion for children.

During the signing ceremony in Lilongwe, Country Representative for UNICEF, Johannes Wedenig, told Capital FM that Fredokiss was spotted for his already existing contribution to the welfare of children.

Wedenig pointed out that when UNICEF chooses its champions, it always chooses people who are already working along their line of work through their personal efforts.

“Fredokiss through his own engagements is a natural champion and what we are trying to do is to amplify his voice and join forces together to reach to those who always look up to him as an example of someone who made a dream come true,” narrated Wedenig.

He further pointed out that the artist is expected to amplify the voices of children and will focus much on ending child marriages and keeping children in school through public service announcements among other activities.

It has been revealed that matters surrounding keeping children, mostly girls, in school are a huge challenge in Malawi and it is expected that the MOU will bring some positive impact.

On his part, Fredokiss expressed his satisfaction by saying this is a good platform for him and what he aims at doing.

“There will be a day when the organisation will choose another individual for the task but at the moment as I am the first champion for children, doors have opened and people should expect change.”

Fredokiss believes the population of children in the country should not be counted as millions of challenges but millions of possible solutions to challenges.

Recently, the local hip-hop artist hosted shows in three cities of the country where a multitude of his fans attended for free.

It is believed that similar platforms along with UNICEF’s project areas will be used to spread the messages around rights of children as challenges facing children are nationwide and need a holistic approach.

UNICEF as an organisation works to promote the rights and wellbeing of children as it works together with its partners 190 countries and territories.

Malawi Government has warned the general public that the State of Qatar has banned entry of a number of tobacco products and its derivatives into its territories.

Government gave the warning through a press release made available to Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Friday and signed by Secretary for the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, Erica Maganga.

The statement says the banned and prohibited tobacco products and its derivatives into Qatar include chewed tobacco or sweika (snuff tobacco) in any form and under any name.

Other banned tobacco products are electronic cigarette or Sheesha and smoking kits stimulators, automated devices designed to sell cigarettes including the advertising, promotion, sponsorship or publicity of tobacco and its derivatives.

The ban is not specific to Malawi but the government advises the general public to be wary of the prohibitions and that any person attempting to carry any of the banned products to Qatar will be subject to legal liability.   

“While this ban is not specific to Malawi, government wishes to alert Malawian citizens travelling to State of Qatar that possessing, transferring or smuggling of such items and indicated in the list while entering the state of Qatar would expose their holders to legal accountability,” the statement reads.

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