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Fishermen in Nkhatabay risk being arrested if found catching or selling young Usipa, popularly known as Bonya.

The Nkhatabay Fisheries Office has issued a ban on trade of the tiny fish, to prevent scarcity of mature Usipa.

The office plans to start confiscating this type of fish from the markets today.

The district’s Fisheries Officer, Dellings Kamenya, tells MANA that catching of Bonya is illegal, explaining that the tiny fish are currently found in abundance because this is their breeding period.

He points out that the fishermen use illegal fishing gear, allowing them to catch the tiny fish, before they reach maturity.

But Kamenya believes the threat of arrest will be enough to deter traders from buying the fish from fishermen, who will soon stop fishing as there will be no market for their catch.

Usipa is a small sardine-like fish, common in Malawi and Mozambique.

The Nkhatabay Magistrate Court has convicted and sentenced 60 year old Joseph Mphande to six years Imprisonment with Hard Labour (IHL) for raping his own daughter.

State prosecutor Keston Chiona told the court that in March this year, Mphande’s daughter, 22, asked for money to start a business.

In response to the request the father told his daughter that for her business to prosper, she needed a certain medication.

When she enquired on the kind of medication needed, the father told her that they needed to sleep together to which the daughter refused.

On the nights of the 3rd of April and May 28th 2017, Mphande forced himself on his daughter.

The development forced the victim to report the matter to the village head who later took her to Usisya Police Unit in the lakeshore district.

She was later referred to Usisya health centre where it was confirmed that she was indeed raped.

Mphande was later arrested and charged with rape contrary to section 157 (1) of the penal code.

During court hearing, Mphande pleaded not guilty to the charge and three witnesses were paraded to prove his guilt.

He was then found guilty, and in his defence he begged for leniency revealing to the court that he is an orphan.

Passing the sentence, First Grade Magistrate Anthony Banda condemned Mphande's behavior saying as a father he was supposed to be providing protection to his daughter and not the contrary.

He then sentenced him to a six year jail term taking into consideration his age.

Joseph Mphande and the victim both hail from Kaulanda village in the area of Traditional Authority M'bwana in Nkhatabay district.

Two people in Nkhatabay have died after they took beer on an empty stomach.

The magistrates’ court in Nkhatabay has sentenced a 23 year old man to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour after finding him guilty of defiling a 13 year old girl.

A multimillion Dollar five year health package project is to roll out in Malawi targeting sixteen districts across the country.

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