Dec 16, 2017 Last Updated 8:35 AM, Dec 15, 2017

Organisers of the newly rebranded Urban Music People (UMP) event are optimistic that the UMP Fashion Night will help to grow the fashion industry in the country.

Apart from showcasing fashion, announcement of nominees will also be made at the event which is slated for the 15th of next month.

According Chief Executive Officer for Nde’Feyo Entertainment Ken Limwame, the event will be a platform for local designers and models to showcase.

“As you know UMP exists to promote and celebrate Malawi’s arts, culture and fashion.

This is one of the events that has been organised along with the UMP Awards and Festival,” Limwame added.

The CEO who is also a Hip-Hop legend in the country and known by his stage name Zizwa, the event will include activities like Media Awards, announcement of nominations for the UMP Awards, along with other fashion related activities.

Answering as to how important the event will be bearing in Mind that there will also be UMP Awards and Festival ceremony in November, Limwame said the event will set the mood for this year’s Awards and Festival event.

The fashion night will act as a launch for the voting period because that is when nominees will be announced.

Earlier this month, one of the leading fashion and design companies in Malawi, “Nzika Wear” officially partnered Nde’Feyo Entertainment in running the UMP events.

Local Jazz artist Erik Paliani is set to entertain patrons on the fashion night and local fashion brand Kliff Culture, Vivietta, Christian Entwan, Armasi By Jessie and Terry Made Designs will be showcased.

Lilongwe based musician cum producer, Janta, has received three nominations as votes pour in ahead of the 2015 Urban Music Party (UMP) awards gala this November.

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