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The son of South Africa's President Jacob Zuma has denied involvement in alleged corruption despite his links with controversial businessmen.

Duduzane Zuma told the BBC there was "nothing untoward" about his business partnership with the Gupta family.

Leaked emails about links between President Zuma's family and the Guptas have resulted in an investigation into possible political influence.

President Zuma and the Gupta family have repeatedly denied wrongdoing.

In an exclusive interview with the BBC's Milton Nkosi, Duduzane Zuma said his ties with the wealthy Gupta family were down to nothing more than him being "a likeable guy".

"I don't think they wanted anything from me," he said, adding: "They liked me. As I liked them."

Duduzane Zuma, who is one of the South African president's 21 children, insisted that he was "not corrupt".

"I've not involved myself in any corrupt practice, in any corrupt business," he said.

Members of the Gupta family are accused of using their connections with the president to try to influence political decisions.

They say the email leaks were "politically inspired".

The African National Congress (ANC) has said that the allegations of corrupt links exposed in the leaked emails have brought President Zuma's credibility into question.

The ANC has governed South Africa since the end of white-minority rule in 1994.

Since taking office in 2009, President Zuma has faced allegations that his close links to the Gupta family have been used to influence the appointment of key ministers.


A South African university is investigating how a student was mistakenly given a 14m rand ($1m; £770,000) loan.

The error became known after an image of a receipt showing the student's account balance was widely shared.

A Walter Sisulu University (WSU) spokesperson accused the student of spending some of the money on a "lavish lifestyle", Times Live reports.

The student, who has not been named, said she reported the mistake.

She has also been quoted as saying that she has returned the money.

But the university insists that the student will be "liable for every cent", News24 quotes spokesperson Yonela Tukwayo as saying.

South African students receive loans, to cover textbooks, accommodation and food, through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), and the money is meant to be paid back after graduation.

In theory, a student should only be able to spend it using a special card at designated shops.

NSFAS has blamed WSU for the error. In a statement issued on Twitter it said that it gives all the money to be paid to students to the university, which then passes it on.

"When a mistake occurs in these processes, it is in the hands of the university," NSFAS said.

Fear has gripped the village of Shayamoya in South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal province after the discovery of a decapitated body.

The family of Zanele Hlatshwayo, 25, who has been missing since July, believe she was a victim of a cannibalism ring that has so far led to the arrest of five men.

Her decomposing body was found after a man who claimed to be a traditional healer handed himself over to police last week and confessed that he was tired of eating human flesh.

Police officers had initially dismissed his statement, according to reports.

It is only after he produced a bloodied hand and foot as proof that he was immediately arrested. He led them to his rented home, where police found eight human ears in a cooking pot.

It is believed they were to be served to his customers, who were told they had magic properties and would convey money, power and protection.

Several other body parts were found stuffed in a suitcase.

Ms Hlatshwayo's bloodied and torn clothes were found among the human remains in the traditional healer's home.

The clothes were identified by her family.

However, police are still waiting for DNA test results to confirm if the remains belong to the mother of a two-year-old boy.

Ms Hlatshwayo's family is yet to bury her. As I entered the Hlatshwayo homestead, I was greeted by a solemn hymn and the cries by the grieving family.

"We can only imagine how she begged for her life, she died an extremely painful death," said her elder sister Nozipho Ntelele as she wiped away tears.

"Her clothes were covered in grass and dust, which is a clear indication that she had been in a struggle to save her life," said Ms Ntelele.

The traditional healer lived in a rented hut in Rensburgdrift near Escourt.

He is nicknamed "Mkhonyovu" which loosely translated means "the corrupt one or corruption" in the local Zulu language.

He rented the hut from Philani Magubane, whose brother was also arrested for being the traditional healer's alleged accomplice.

The South African opposition party, the Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF is calling on the Malawi Government to lift a purported ban it put on the party’s leader Julius Malema.

Malawi’s Home Affairs Minister Grace Chiuma, however, denies issuing the ban.

In a letter published on the EFF website, the party officials say Malema has done nothing wrong to deserve being refused entry into Malawi.

The party insists that Malema had no plans to visit Malawi on any condition.

This is however contrary to what representatives of the Transformation Alliance earlier told Capital FM that Malema was invited to the group’s general conference which was held in Blantyre on Friday.

The EFF also condemns what it terms as misleading and dishonest remarks which are alleged to have been made by Zambia’s Saviour Chishimba who is reported to have also been banned.

Chishimba is accused of creating an impression that he would be hosting the leader of the EFF in Malawi.

Who is Julius Malema?

Julius Sello Malema (born 3 March 1981) is the leader of the Economis Freedom Fighter, a South African political party, which he founded in July 2013.

He previously served as President of the African National Congress Youth League  from 2008 to 2012.

Malema was a member of the ANC until his expulsion from the party in April 2012.

He occupies a notably controversial position in South African public and political life, having risen to prominence with his support for African National Congress president, and later President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma.

 He has been described by both Zuma and the Premier of Limpopo Province as the "future leader" of South Africa.

Less favourable portraits paint him as a "reckless populist" with the potential to destabilise South Africa and to spark racial conflict

SAA Dumps Malawi

South African Airways (SAA) is dumping its Malawi route in a bid to stay financially viable.

South African media quotes sources familiar with the plan that the airline will also reduce flights on its profitable Johannesburg-Cape Town route by more than a third.

Speaking to Capital FM, Director of South African Airways in Malawi James Chikaonda reveals that the local office has not been informed of the Airline’s decision to dump the Malawi route.

Representatives of the local Department of Civil Aviation have also not been consulted on the matter as

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe described the announcement as a ‘blessing in disguise’.

According to the Minister, the move may create business opportunities for other players in the aviation industry, including Malawian airlines.

South African media reports that the airline also plans to reduce flights on its profitable Johannesburg-Cape Town route by more than a third.

It also plans to get rid of at least 10 of the more than 50 planes in its fleet.

The South African flag carrier has been struggling financially and is facing possible liquidation.

SAA currently has huge debts, amounting to over K6.7 Billion, which the SA Government has been struggling to repay.

The African destinations that will get the chop are Blantyre and Lilongwe in Malawi, Brazzaville in the Republic of the Congo, Kigali in Rwanda and Libreville in Gabon.

The development  means that Malawi will now only have Kenyan and Ethiopian airways as the only International Airlines flying into the country.

SAA is the flag carrier of South Africa. Its headquarters are in Airways Park on the grounds of OR Tambo International Airport in Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng.

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