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Youth in the rauling Democratic Progressive Party DPP are calling for the resignation of their director Lois Ngalande for making his position clear against Peter Mutharika’s Candidature in 2019.

Ngalande joined voices with former first lady Callista Mutharika that the ruling DPP will only win in 2019 general elections if it fields vice president Saulos Chilima as president.

This has since created divisions in the party.

They claim that Ngalande did not consult them when coming out with his statement hence what he said was personal opinion.

The DPP youth led by presidential advisor on youth’s development Simon Vuwa Kaunda briefed Journalists in Lilongwe on Monday to make their stand clear that they are for Arthur Peter Mutharika as candidate for DPP in 2019.

Deputy youth director Mussa Daiton says they have not seen anything wrong in Mutharika leadership hence removing him is a non-starter.

“We chose Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika in 2014 and we have seen what he is capable of doing, he gave us Chilima as his running mate and they are good together.”

“Those who want Professor Mutharika to step down are just failures who want to cause havoc in the party and as for our director Ngalande he should apologise to the president or resign,” Daiton said.

Vuwa Kaunda concurred with the deputy youth director saying by making his position clear that he want Chilima to be the president for DPP, Ngalande in a away has removed himself on his position in the party.

“The youth in DPP are saying that the candidate for the presidential election in 2019 is professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, those saying that Mutharika should step down are people without substance,” said Kaunda.

Kaunda added, “Ngalande used to be our director and the youths are calling for his resignation because he is making statements without consulting the youths.”

Since the former first lady came out on her position regarding the candidature of her in-law there divisions in the ruling party as a lot of party supporters and legislatures are in agreement with Callista Mutharika.

The split is getting wider within the ranks and files of the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) with more party officials coming out to endorse the country’s Vice President Saulosi Chilima to be the party’s torch bearer during the next year’s elections.

This comes days after former first lady Callista Mutharika declared that the DPP cannot win next year’s polls under the leadership of President Peter Mutharika.

Calista indicated that the only hope for the party is the youthful Chilima.

The party’s director of youth Louis Ngalande also insists that with the majority of potential voters being the youth, it would be unreasonable to endorse someone with over 80 years to represent the party during the polls.

In all this, Chilima has not come out in the open to declare his position.

And the latest to call for youthful leadership for the party’s presidency is the Mulanje South legislator Bon Kalindo who insists that Chilima is the right person for the party.

He says the party should put into consideration Calista’s remarks because it is a true representation of what the public want.

“Research and you will believe that people in the party want Chilima to lead this country,” Kalindo added.

He insists that Calista is not an ordinary person hence don’t underrate her.

The leadership of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is insisting that the party is not holding a convention this month, despite other members speaking in support of the indaba.

This is a convention that was sanctioned by the party’s Secretary General Gustav Kaliwo, scheduled for the July 7th to 9th.

The decision has divided the party in opinion, with those siding with its President Lazarus Chakwera claiming it is not in-tandem with the provisions within the party’s constitution.

Kaliwo claims the convention is meant to find lasting solutions to the challenges facing the party, which include the suspension and firing of some senior members.

The party’s legislator Jessie Kabwila recently told the State Controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation-MBC that the best way was for the party to hold a convention this month.

Eisenhower Mkaka who is the party’s Second Deputy Secretary General told Capital FM that as MCP a convention will be held in 2018.

“We have mentioned that time and again that we will not hold a convention this year, and president of the party Lazarus Chakwera has made it clear on when the party will hold a convention,” Mkaka added.

However one Blantyre based commentator Sherrif Kaisi describes what is happening in the MCP as intraparty crisis.

Kaisi points out that the issue has been circulating for way to long for the party officials to only come out now after the public has already made conclusions on the matter.

The MCP is however not the only party unable to hold a convention this year.

Officials from the  Democratic Progressive Party and the People’s party earlier disclosed to Capital FM that they are unable to hold conventions as they do not have enough funding.

The MCP is Malawi’s main opposition party.

It was formed as a successor party to the banned Nyasaland African Congress when the country, then known as Nyasaland, was under British rule.

The MCP, under Hastings Kamuzu Banda, presided over Malawian independence in 1964, and from 1966 to 1993 was the only legal party in the country.


With two years to the polls, most political parties in Malawi seem not to be ready to hold their elective conventions.

Most political parties, among them the Peoples Party (PP), Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the United Democratic Front (UDF), held their elective conventions in 2012.

Representatives of the parties admit that, according to their respective constitutions, time is due for them to hold another one.

This is so as, by the end of this year, their leaderships’ mandate of will have ended.

Currently, there is infighting in the country’s oldest political party, MCP over the issue of a convention.

Controversy surrounds the subject after a convention was announced by its Secretary General Gustav Kaliwo in May, apparently slated for next month.

The other senior members have openly dismissed the calls.

Eisenhower Mkaka the party’s deputy secretary general told Capital FM that that Kaliwo sighted section 43 when he mentioned picking out a venue for the convention, however in the section, it is stated that the national committee is responsible of making such a decision

And the Peoples Party seems not to be ready either;

Spokesperson of the party Noah Chimpeni disclosed that they have not yet decided on the date or location.

Chimpeni pointed out that the party is running short on funds as such activities requer adequate funding for conventions.

Another party, the New Labor Party, was formed a year before the 2014 elections.

Its interim President Sam Mpasu acknowledges that this is the year to hold another convention, but just like the PP, he just can’t tell when exactly his party will hold one.

Mpasu revealed that they too do not have money to hold the convention and they are currently trying to find means to source funding.

To a Blantyre based political commentator, Sherrif Kaisi, the issue of funds being raised by the party representatives is not convincing.

Kaisi said funds being a challenge is an indication that the parties lack good management as none of them seem to have put their finances in order.

In Kaisi’s view, with just two years till 2019, the parties should realise that time is running out.

It is predicted that the polls are likely to be difficult and emotive.

This is being reflected on how jittery the parties are, on the issue of conventions which are meant to produce their torch bearers.

Confusion continues to rock the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) over recent calls for an emergency convention.

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