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The minister of gender, children and elderly, Jean Kalirani has commended the role being played by the Lusubilo Community Based Orphan Care under the Karonga diocese of the Catholic Church in taking care of the orphans and other vulnerable children and promoting development projects like agriculture and others.

“We came to appreciate the activities that the organisation is implementing in the district to support vulnerable groups and we have realised that they are really doing what the government is up to,” said the minister.

Although the organisation is working without being registered which curtails its noble tasks, the minister added that government through her ministry will do all it can to ensure that it is registered as a nongovernmental organisation for efficient execution of its activities.

Therefore, Kalirani advised the leadership of the organisation to follow the right protocols through the Karonga District Council to get registered in order to nature its roles and responsibilities.

She said, “We want to advise the leadership of this institution to liaise with the office of the district commissioner so that it gets registered.”

The organisation which takes care of about 75 and 100 vulnerable children every year was established in 2003.

Founder of the orphanage, Beatrice Chipeta told Capital FM that she doesn’t know why government is failing to recommend it.

“As we know there are different organisations providing such noble work to vulnerable groups but still there is a gap because the number of vulnerable groups in communities is increasing at a very fast rate so there is need for mutual support with individuals,” said Chipeta.

She added that the organisation’s main duty is to encourage community members to find resources that would be used to support sex workers in the country so that they should find proper methods of earning a living to reduce cases of orphan hood.

According to Chipeta, the organisation is currently taking care of over 90 children.

Increased cases of gender based violence are worrying the government of Malawi.

The statement was made by the Minister responsible for such issues, Jean Kalirani who has since called on the general public to help in eradicating such cases.

She said her Ministry is receiving reports of increasing cases of gender based violence with some of them bordering on barbaric killings.

Over the last couple of months, the country has witnessed some of the worst forms of gender based violence, according to the minister.

She cited cases of the young woman killed by her ex-boyfriend in Chilinde, Lilongwe.

And another woman in Mzuzu who was killed together with her child by her husband while another is a case of woman stabbed by her business client.

The minister, therefore, stated that government is working hand in hand with international organisations in order to address issues of gender based violence against women and children in the country.

The alarming statistics have pushed activists to call for a march hoping to raise awareness on the matter.

Slated for this Thursday in the capital city, the march is expected to have both men and women participating and they will all be dressed in black as they make their way to deliver a petition to the ministry of gender.

Speculation is rife in Malawi as authorities are not willing to disclose when President Mutharika will  be back home after attending the 2016 UNGA in the US.

The United Nations Population Agency (UNFPA) had pledged its full support to Malawi in ensuring that every girl has an opportunity to reach her full potential.

Blossoming artist, Classick, was Malawi’s top hip-hop act in the past year, this according to a public opinion poll conducted on Twitter by  dubbed Who owned Malawi in 2015.

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