Aug 19, 2017 Last Updated 2:22 PM, Aug 18, 2017

Police in Lingadzi, Lilongwe are looking for 31-year-old man, who is alleged to have stabbed a 29-year-old woman, to whom he owed money.

Lingadzi Police Public Relations Officer Foster Benjamin has told the Malawi News Agency that the suspect, Edward Kulemeka, inflicted multiple wounds on Sally Mkwezalamba with a knife on Monday evening.

According to Benjamin, Kulemeka summoned the victim with an intention to pay back money amounting to MK750,000 which he owed her.

Mkwezalamba reportedly drove to Pacific Mall in Area 10, where she picked up the suspect before proceeding to his house in Area 18.

The Police PRO further explains that upon arrival at the gate to his house, Kulemeka produced a knife and stabbed the victim several times, saying to her that he was sorry but had to do it.

Kulemeka is currently at large.

Pictures of the suspect are currently circulating on social media, with the police asking for information that could lead to his arrest.

A MK100, 000 bounty has been placed on his head.

Five children are missing in Mchinji, after they allegedly ran away from a Salvation Army transit centre in the district.

A senior officer at the transit centre, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed the development to the Malawi News Agency on Wednesday.

“We just noticed this yesterday (Tuesday) morning that some of the children we are keeping here are missing and we believe they have escaped.

“With little information we have now, we cannot rule out a case of child trafficking. It is believed that someone has influenced these children to escape,” the source said adding that the centre together with the police have launched a search and an investigation on the matter.

It is believed that the five, all under the age of 15, went over the centre’s brick fence to make their getaway.

Records show that the children have been living at the transit centre for 2 to 3 months after they were rescued from traffickers.

Their escape has heightened fears that they could fall back into the hands of child traffickers.

Among the escapees are two girls, one from Mzimba district and the other one from Dowa.

The other three are boys, one from Lilongwe and two from Kasungu.

The local tourism sector has started attracting more investors with a new Casino on the cards for Malawi.

According to the Malawi Gaming Board chief, the Palms Casino will be opening in Lilongwe, this summer.

Master Maliro disclosed that they have had good reception since they opened the Marina Casino in the capital city.

“Due to the fact that the casino is located in a hotel, we have been able to attract numerous Chinese nationals who like to gamble and these people are the majority of the customers we have at the casino,” Maliro explained.

The Marino Casino was opened in November last year at the Golden Peacock Hotel and has gaming facilities ranging from Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette as well as Poker games and slot machines.

In the space of three years Malawi has seen at least two gaming companies opening shop in the country.

The development is attributed to efforts by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism in selling Malawi to investors through platforms such as the Investment Forums.

The Boards’ 2016 annual report states that Malawi is expected to have a total of five licensed Casinos.

Such facilities create employment opportunities for locals as they require a big workforce.

Residents of Lilongwe’s Area 18 A organised a protest march on Tuesday morning, expressing their displeasure with the water contamination incident registered recently in the area.

Pictures on social media showed the protesters dressed in black, carrying placards, with messages directed at duty bearers, printed on them.

On July 19, a sewer pipe burst in the area, spewing wastes and contaminating water supplied by the water board in the process.

The incident attracted outrage from residents in the commercial capital and beyond.

While others commended them for their transparency, some described the incident as an indication of unprofessionalism.

According to Capital FM’s John Namalenga Junior who followed the residents, they marched from Area 18 roundabout to the civic offices in the capital city to deliver a petition.

Some of the issues highlighted in the petition is that that e concerned parties are not showing interests in dealing with the problem as sewage is still flowing in the affected areas.

The residents also want to be compensated for all for the damages caused by the contaminated water.

To add on that this has had a direct effect on them are some have had to receive treatment for water borne diseases.

However Chairperson of the Human Rights Consultative Committee Robert Mkwezalamba is of the view that residents should have considered seeking legal action, as opposed to holding demonstrations following the incident.

Medical Research studies conducted at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) has shown that 15 percent of the clients who visit the facility have hepatitis.

Zone Health Supervisor for the Ministry of Health in the South East Zone, Dr Malangizo Mbewe, disclosed this on Saturday during the World Hepatitis Day commemoration in Chikwawa district whose theme was 'eliminating hepatitis'.

Mbewe said this is the case because a lot of people are not aware of the problem and it is difficult for them to accept it as one of the health challenges rocking the country.

"We need to enhance awareness campaigns so that people are aware of this. As a country, we are very happy to commemorate the day here in Chikwawa because with the information disseminated, we can prevent and treat it," said Mbewe.

He said he was particularly happy to note that the Ministry of Health (MoH) through the department of HIV/AIDS has formed a taskforce to mobilize resources to facilitate the process of conducting a national survey on hepatitis.

He said the survey would provide a clear picture of the situation on the ground.

Hepatitis is a disease characterised by the inflammation of the liver.

There are 5 main hepatitis viruses, referred to as types A, B, C, D and E. These 5 types are of greatest concern because of the burden of illness and death they cause and the potential for outbreaks and epidemic spread.

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