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The Police in the southern region district of Nsanje are keeping in custody two people for allegedly spreading rumours of blood sucking in the district.

The two are identified as Madalitso Hamuza and Ali Simbi both coming from Ndenguma Village in the area of Senior Chief Malemia.

The recent arrest brings the number of suspects to have committed such an offence in the district, to eight.

Nsanje district police publicist Agnes Zilakoma says the two have been arrested following allegations they leveled against a man who was talking to a friend on a mobile phone, claiming he is a blood sucking vampire.

According to Zilakoma, the two suspects then instructed a police officer who was nearby to arrest the man who was on the phone.

The suspects are expected to answer charges of circulating false news likely to cause fear and alarm to the public.

So far, over 200 people have been arrested since rumours started spreading early last month.

Thirteen people have been remanded to prison for allegedly inciting violence over blood sucking rumours in Malawi’s former capital, Zomba.

The suspects Enock Bomba aged 32, Edson Eleven, 33, Buton Manyenje aged 31 and ten others were arrested for allegedly inciting violence at Ndalama Health Post at Jali on the night of 22 October, 2017.

According to the State Prosecutor Louis Makiyi, the suspects mobilised themselves and attacked a team of employees from Save the Children who went to the area to drop off a Health Surveillance Assistant who was coming from a workshop.

The suspects are reported to have started stoning the officers, accusing them of being blood suckers who were planning to terrorize the area.

Makiyi says the police came in to rescue the officers after they were called and managed to arrest 13 suspects, of which seven are minors.

According to information sourced from the Eastern Region Police Public Relations Officer, Joseph Sauka, all the suspects have denied the charge of Conduct likely to cause a breach of peace levelled against them.

Senior Resident Magistrate Wyson Nkhata has adjourned the case to 30th October, 2017 to allow the state to notify its witnesses.

Law enforcers say they have arrested over at least 200 people for spreading rumours or being part of the vigilante groups that incited violence.

 National Police Deputy Spokesperson told Capital FM early this week that 55 were arrested at Bvumbwe in Thyolo district.

Some of the suspects have already appeared

Police in Malawi's central region district of Ntcheu are keeping in custody a 31 year old woman for alleged murder.

Berita Kamoto is suspected to have murdered her better half, Jeremiah Kholowa, 45.

The incident happened on Sunday night at Kalimwayi village in the district.

Ntcheu Police publicist disclosed the woman who has difficulties in walking due to her disability allegedly murdered the husband after a disagreement ensured between them.

Hastings Chigalu stated the two quelled as the husband was suspected to be stealing the woman's belongings.

"Due to her status, Berita was spotted by The Malawi Council for the Handicapped (MACOHA) to go for an initial business training to sustain her daily livelihood.

And as startup capital, she was given Solar panel, battery, charger, sewing machine, and fourteen pieces of cloth so that she immediately ventures into business," explained Chigalu.

However on the material day, the deceased decided to visit the wife at night where a fierce fight erupted and led to the death of the husband.

An autopsy at Ntcheu district hospital reveals the death was due to suffocation.

Berita will appear in court soon to answer a case of murder which contravenes section 209 of the Penal Code.

Both suspect and deceased had been married for over ten years and had two children together.  

Karonga Police have arrested Arnold Mwaulambo, and Minala Mwamlima for being found selling medical drugs in their shops without licenses.

This is contrary to section 35 (1) of Pharmacy, Medicine and Poison Act.

The law enforcers conducted a two-day operation after suspecting illegal businesses taking place in some places within the district.

Among the drugs recovered from Mwaulambo and Mwamlima are bottles full of Paracetamol, Indomethacin capsules, bottles of Trimoxazole tablets, Amoxilin and Diclofenac tablets.

Arnold Mwaulambo, 28, hails from Mwaulambo village, T/A Kilipula in Karonga district was arrested on 4 October 2017.

 While Mwamlima, 25, was arrested on October 5, 2017 and hails from Mwakasoko village, T/A Mwakaboko in Karonga district.

The two will appear in court soon to answer charges.

The Phalombe District Council has elected a theft suspect as Chairperson.

Councilor Kalepa Mawere is answering criminal charges at the First Grade Magistrate’s Court in the district.

He was arrested in the year 2015 on suspicion that he stole bags of cement meant for the construction of an office building at Saidi Police Unit, while serving as Ward Councillor for Khongoloni Ward.

Construction works of the office block have since stalled.

According to court records, Mawere was charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit a felony and theft by public servant, which is contrary to sections 404 and 278 of  Malawi's penal code respectively.

The District Commissioner for Phalombe, Harry Phiri feels there is nothing barring the Councillor as he was only accused and has not yet been convicted.

The DC adds that it was up to his fellow Councillors and Members of Parliament who were voting, to stop him from contesting or not elect him if they saw that he had a problem.

On his part, Mawere says Councillors had the right to vote for him as he is innocent until proven guilty.

He further explains that his case at the court had stalled because there is a lack of evidence to support the accusations levelled against him.

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