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Police in Monkey-Bay, Mangochi are keeping in custody a 24-year-old Maleta Makunje for the alleged murder of Moses Katandi, 45, after the two picked a quarrel over an unsettled debt.

Confirming the arrest, Mangochi Police Public Relations Officer Inspector Rodrick Maida said Makunje asked Katandi’s son to provide him with poles for house construction at a price of MK4, 000 but only managed to pay MK2, 000.

The son complained to his father, Katandi, and on the afternoon of November 12, the deceased met Makunje at a drinking joint where he demanded the balance Makunje owed his son.

"A quarrel ensued in the process as both of them were drunk and Makunje allegedly punched Katandi on the left jaw causing him to fall down unconscious," Maida said.

The matter was reported to Monkey-Bay Police Post where officers rushed to the scene and took Katandi to Monkey-Bay Community Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

A postmortem conducted at Monkey-Bay Community Hospital revealed that death was due to suffocation following the impact which depressed the deceased's tongue.

The suspect fled after the incident but a tip-off from the general public led to his arrest two days later at Katema Trading Centre in the same district.

Makunje hails from Makunje Village, Traditional Authority Nankumba in Mangochi and is expected to appear in court soon to answer murder charges.

All Eyes On Zimbabwe

Governing political parties in Southern Africa including Malawi are being pushed to set up clear democratic succession processes if recent developments in Zimbabwe are to be avoided.

All eyes are on the southern africa nation as President Mugabe is under more pressure from his own Zanu-PF to step down following an intervention by the Military last week.

The Zimbabwe Defence Forces refuse to call their intervention a Coup.

Zimbabwe’s governing -Zanu-PF on Sunday sacked Mugabe as the party’s leader, and ordered him to tender his resignation as the country’s President by mid-day Monday or face impeachment.

Zanu-PF has appointed former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who apparently, had been fired by Mugabe two weeks ago from his position.

The sacking of Mnangagwa had prompted an extraordinary chain of events as the military intervened to block Mugabe, 93, from installing his wife, Grace, in his place.

The first lady has been expelled from the party altogether.

The developments in Zimbabwe are being monitored in Malawi and the rest of the world.

It is doubtful if Mugabe will tender in his resignation as during his live address to the nation on Sunday night, he vowed to stay in power and preside over the ruling party's congress scheduled for December.

Happy Kayuni, an Associate Professor of Political and Administrative Studies at the Chancellor College says there should be a method used to ensure that a president clearly identifies individuals to take over once the president is no longer in power.

On Saturday protests were also held which are being described as peaceful, all opting for Mugabe to step down.

Emmaculate Maluza, a Human Rights Lawyer says the developments in Zimbabwe are a reflection of what happens when the public is being taken for granted by those in power.

All in all what the whole world expects is a peaceful transition of power in Zimbabwe and that all African leaders should not take the presidency as a dynasty.

Nyasa Big Bullets are out of the FISD Challenge Cup, after suffering a humiliating 5-4 loss to Moyale Barracks in post match penalties.

Bullets failed to get through the soldiers at Civo Stadium on Sunday in Lilongwe.

The two teams were tied to a two-all draw at the end of 90 minutes of the match.

This forced the game to go into the dreaded penalty shoot-outs.

Moyale converted all five penalties but Bullets’ penalty expert Nelson “Silencer” Kangunje turned killed the team’s hopes when his last kick was saved by Moyale goalkeeper Juma Chikwenga.

This means the FISD final will be a soldiers’ affairs between the Lilongwe based Kamuzu Barracks and Mzuzu based Moyale Barracks.

Kamuzu Barracks thrashed Masters Security on Saturday in a soldier versus security guard affair, which also ended in a penalty shoot-out following a two-all draw at the same venue.

This year’s winner will walk away with a trophy and MK15 million in prize money.

The Competitions and Fair Trading Commission (CFTC) is disclosing that it will start engaging the Central Bank on how best to deal with cases of traders giving customers’ candies instead of coins on the market.

It follows consumer concerns that some traders are offering candy and other small edible items instead of change of smaller values ranging from 5 to 15 Kwacha.

The act is said to be a violation of financial regulations on money transactions, according to the Reserve Bank of Malawi.

Speaking to Capital FM Executive Director of the CFTC Wezie Charlotte Malonda reveals they have since instituted an investigation on the concerns.

So far, most of the traders are attributing the trend to what they are calling a shortage of coins in circulation.

Malonda says that they are to present the findings to their RBM counterparts to map the way forward.

The Director however believes that the trend would be reversed if customers would purchase items using coins so to ensure that shops get stocked.

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) is still under collecting taxes, despite continued reports of an improved national economic performance.

This is evidenced by their October collection, where MRA has tax revenue amounting to MK73. 8 Billion below their MK87.9 Billion projection.

The October collection also falls below MK76 Billion which was collected in the preceding month of September.

The MRA is however attributing the poor performance to low turnover in Pay as You Earn (PAYE), Corporate and Fringe Benefit Taxes.

The tax organisation further adds that the under collection in PAYE is owing to non-remittance of the revenues by some government institutions.

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