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Efe Ejeba emerged as the winner of Big Brother Naija Efe Ejeba emerged as the winner of Big Brother Naija Image sourced at

How Efe Won Big Brother Naija

Written by Apr 10, 2017

Efe’s win was expected. He had been touted as the winner throughout the duration of the show and many Nigerians made sure he won by the way they canvassed for votes on his behalf.

The other housemates all had campaigns for them but none came close to Efe’s. People organized rallies for him, held prayer sessions on his behalf and almost all celebrities lined up behind him.

Some say it was his down to earth nature while others said it was the fact that people could relate to him that made him win.

They could see themselves in him; they had felt his pains and his struggles so it was either Efe or nobody. That’s why he won with such a huge margin (he had 57.61% of the votes).

Bisola would have won but for her romantic escapades with ThinTallTony (say what you may but we are a very conservative society) and many also felt that she already had a career before coming into the house so she could parlay her BBNaija fame into even more fame and fortune.

TBoss was too controversial to have won plain and simple. Had the half Romanian Edo state indigene won the show, riots may have broken out on the streets.

Saying she doesn't need the money did not help too.

Debie Rise stood no chance from the moment she stepped into the show.

The fact that she got into the final was a result of her fans outside the house and shrewd campaigning by her team.

Her becoming TBoss's number two did not help as Nigerians transferred their hate of TBoss to Kogi state musician.  

Marvis was the smartest of all housemates.

She rode Efe's wave right to the very end. Notice how she was saved not once but twice as a result of her relationship with Efe after all, people did not want their favorite candidate to be lonely.


Giving Rivers state governor Nyesom Wike a shout out on the show is also a well calculated move because this way, she is sure to get some goodies from him as soon as she returns home. 

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