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Households have resolved to using alternative sources of energy Households have resolved to using alternative sources of energy

Washington Wants Lilongwe To Invest In Energy Featured

Written by  Oct 31, 2016

The US government is resounding calls for Malawi to seriously invest in the energy sector as the country continues facing power cuts.

The US ambassador to Malawi made the recently during the official launch of National Identity Cards in the capital, Lilongwe.

Virginia Palmer said that she’s often asked what things would be transformative to the southern Africa state to which she gives several answers.

“First of all energy: availability of electricity to more and more Malawians will enhance commercial agriculture, manufacturing and create jobs.”

She added, “It will also mean that women are not gathering firewood all day and children are able to study at night.”

Apart from that she advised authorities that If Malawi prioritizes energy, the country will transform.

The US envoy noted that education is a sector that can have a huge impact on the country.

Palmer emphasized that unless government invests in the energy sector, the provision of ID’s will not be enough.

Continued power cuts that have become the order of the day with the public subjected to staying without electricity for over 24 hours at times.

The situation has prompted many users to turn to alternative energy sources like solar and diesel generators.

Industries continue to make loses as some are unable to carry out activities that require electricity.


The country’s sole national electricity supplier, ESCOM, revealed to its customers that it will take years before load shedding becomes a thing of the past.

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