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Environmentalist to challenge Malawi Govt on Oil exploration

Written by  Chinsisi Moyo Dec 22, 2016

Weeks after the government defended its move to proceed with Oil and Gas exploration on Lake Malawi, An Environmentalist is vowing to challenge the decision.

The   Minister responsible for Mines argued that the country is governed for the benefit of Malawians.

As such it will not be taking into account each and every concern raised by other countries and organizations over the exercise.

United Nations Agency UNESCO has given the government three months to defend itself on reports that the exercise is progressing regardless of environmental concerns.

The exploration activity was previously suspended following misunderstandings on the awarding of licenses and product sharing agreement.

Godfrey Mfiti an Environmentalist that has been pushing for the drilling of oil on Lake Malawi emphasizes that the government must listen to the concerns being raised.

“It is unfortunate that the same government is planning to draw water for drinking from the same lake at the same time continuing with the process of drilling oil regardless of these concerns so there is the need for the government to at least take heed of these concerns that have been raised” said Mfiti.

Reacting to the development Minister of Energy and Mining, Bright Msaka emphasized that there is need to address such issues in perspective of the Malawi nation as a whole.


“We govern this country for the benefit of Malawians and we will take into account the concerns as we manage national affairs, but if we are going to take every concern that is raised by everyone to us, we will never run this country” Said Msaka.

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