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Malawi Police Push For Change To Vagrancy Law

Written by Jan 18, 2017

The Police are pushing for changes to the Rogue and Vagabond law that was recently declared unconstitutional by the constitutional court.

The law enforcers insist that the law helps to maintain law and order in the country.

National Police Publicist, James Kadadzera told the Malawi News Agency that the law deserves immediate modification as some countries around the world have done.

Kadadzera added that the law prevented people from simply loitering around the town and city streets during odd hours which resulted in the reduction of crime.

Last year the law enforcers manged to arrest suspected criminals who were on their wanted lists.

But the public claimed that the law was being abused by the police who harassed them in the process.

Many complained of being arrested when they had done no crime a all.

The Constitutional Court in Blantyre ruled that Section 184 subsection 1C was unconstitutional.

This was after it was challenged by a Blantyre based vendor who was arrested and charged with Rogue and Vagabond.

The vagrancy law is said to be among the many laws in the country that are deemed archaic.

Among the laws are Flags, Emblems and Names Act, the Printed Publications Act and the Officials Secrets Act.


Malawi inherited her laws from the British who colonized her.

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