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Malawi Among Most Corrupt Countries

Written by  Written By Rhodes MSONKHO Jan 30, 2017

The recent findings by the Transparency International on corruption perception which rate Malawi poorly, is being described as a wake up call for the country on the fight against corruption.

Transparency International ranked Malawi among the most corrupt countries in the World with a score of 31 points out of 100.

Transparency International, which is a global coalition against corruption, defines corruption as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain.

It can be classified as grand, petty and political, depending on the amounts of money lost and the sector where it occurs.

Today, corruption has become one of the major challenges Malawi is struggling to deal with. Judging from the recent revelations, one can conclude that all the country’s spheres have been affected by the vice.

One has to also bear in mind that Malawi’s image on corruption was hugely dented by the infamous Cashgate scandal, where Billions of Kwacha were siphoned from Capitol Hill by both Public Servants and crooked business people.

To make matters worse, some specific ministries and government departments have also been caught in the web of corruption.

In some instances, officers have been suspended, but no logical conclusions have been made.

According to the recent Corruption Perception Index findings released by the Transparency International, Malawi has been ranked among the most corrupt countries in the World with a score of 31 points out of 100.

The public is citing a lack of political will, for the mess.

Many are times when the institutions mandated to fight the graft have had their hands tied on some cases, allegedly due to political influence.

This can be said of the current ADMARC Maize scandal, in which a cabinet minister has clearly refused to comply with the demands of the public, concerning his alleged involvement in the scandal

As viewed by the Transparency international, Corruption corrodes the fabric of society. It undermines people’s trust in political and economic systems, institutions and leaders.

It can cost people their freedom, health, money – and sometimes their lives.

The public is slowly resigning to fate that the fight against corruption will never be won, as it feels betrayed by those in power.

Fortunately not all is lost yet as lessons can be drawn from other countries such as South Africa where citizens have successfully demanded accountability from their leaders. 

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