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Visas Still Required For US Travel Image sourced at safe

Visas Still Required For US Travel

Written by  Written By Rhodes MSONKHO Jan 31, 2017

Representatives of the American Embassy in Lilongwe are dismissing reports indicating that Malawians citizens will no longer require visas for temporary travel to the US.

Online reports yesterday claimed that President Trump had made the order for Malawians travelling to the US as non-immigrants will not require the visas.

This brought excitement to most people, thinking it will lessen the process they undergo to acquire visas.

There are currently a number of Malawians applying for visas to travel to the US.

The Public Affairs Officer for the US embassy Edward Monster described the assertions as untrue describes the assertions as untrue.

Monster admitted to seeing the reports and insisted that Malawians will always require a visa when travelling to the USA.

Adding that there has been no change in the process one is supposed to undergo in order to visit the US.

When the rumour spread on social media, many of the citizenry expressed excitement at the thought of having to travel without the need of visa.

Speaking on the three month ban Donald trump has put on Muslim countries, Monster assured Malawians that they will not be affected even if they are of that religion.

Among the seven countries that have been banned from entering the US are Sudan, Iraq and Yemen.


Members of the Muslim community in the country have reacted angrily to Trump’s decision saying it is a recipe for disaster in a world that is supposed to be peaceful.

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