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Mutharika may face a repetition of the 2011 protests Mutharika may face a repetition of the 2011 protests Image sourced at

Civil Society Leaders Warn Malawian President

Written by  Written by Rhodes MSONKHO Feb 12, 2017

Malawi President Peter Mutharika is facing a prospect of public demonstrations if he does not fire his Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda.

Representatives of the Civil Society Organisations-CSO’s are warning that the demos might be of the scale of the July 20 protests.

Leaders of the CSO’s who have given the President a seven-day ultimatum, are also warning that they will mobilize people to demonstrate if Mutharika ignores their call to fire Chaponda.

Apart from that they are demanding that he fires Chief Executive Officer of the Agricultural And Marketing Corporation-Admarc  over their involvement in a shady multi-million import of maize from Zambia.

The CSOs, on July 20 in 2011, organised mass demonstrations against the regime of Mutharika’s late brother, Bingu.

The demonstrations were against economic hardships, fuel shortages, corruption and unemployment.

The state now faces civic action over that demonstration, after its agents, the police shot dead up to 20 people in Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu.

The new warning and ultimatum by the civil society leaders comes hot on the heels of a report by a commission of enquiry that is calling on the Anti Corruption, Bureau, ACB to probe Chaponda for possible corruption.

High Court Judge, Anastasia Msosa who headed the Commission, presented the report to President Mutharika on Saturday.

The commission describes Chaponda’s involvement in the maize saga as suspicious and tantamount to corruption.

The representatives of civil society told Capital fm that public anger was rising in the face of comments expressed earlier by the President – before the commission gave him its report –saying that press reports that were being written on the maize saga were useless and that there was nothing wrong in the Zambia maize import.



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