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George Chaponda has been relieved of his duties George Chaponda has been relieved of his duties Image sourced at

And The Saga Continues

Written by  Written By Staff Reporter Feb 22, 2017

In a case of what may seem as finally bowing down to pressure, Malawi’s President, Peter Mutharika has fired Agriculture Minister George Chaponda from cabinet.

This comes after continued calls from the public, legislators and leaders of Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s).

Since the Presidential inquiry presented its findings to the Malawi leader, he had chosen to be mum on the matter despite people pilling pressure on him to swiftly act.

The inquiry suggested that the ex minister be investigated by the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) on grounds that he had allegedly been involved in the dubious deal to procure maize in Zambia.

On Tuesday this week, the ACB raided Chaponda’s home and also that of Foster Mulumbe who is Chief Executive Officer of the Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (ADMARC).

At least 170 million in the local Kwacha currency as well as in US dollars, Botswana Pula and South African Rands was found at Chaponda’s home.

Meanwhile, pressure is mounting on the ACB to arrest George Chaponda following the stashed cash found in his home.

Those that have spoken to Capital fm are mincing no words, stressing there should be no double standards in the application of laws where a person has been found with unexplained large sums of money in foreign currency.

CSO leaders are drawing similarities with what happened in 2013 when the infamous Cashgate scandal was unearthed at Capitol Hill under former leader, Joyce Banda.

During that time, politicians and business persons were found with money stashed in their cars and homes.

Several individuals, including a cabinet minister and top civil servants were rounded up by law enforcement agents.

Edge Kanyongolo who is a Law Professor at the Chancellor College, is of the view that Chaponda should be arrested because of being found with such large amounts of money moreover, foreign currencies.


Kanyongolo added that the ACB and Police should come out publicly on whether they will or will not arrest Chaponda.

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