Wednesday, 24 May 2017
Madonna with Mercy(L) and David (R) Madonna with Mercy(L) and David (R)

Malawi’s Adoption laws under review

Written by  Chinsisi Moyo Mar 06, 2017

The country’s adoption laws are being reviewed to strengthen the process of adopting children.

A hot debate ensued recently over the laws after US Pop star Madonna adopted Malawian twins.

The father to the children was quoted by an international media claiming his children back.

Adam Mwale further disclosed that he was under the impression that Madonna was merely fostering the twins and not adopting them.

This saw the public taking it to social media, questioning how much public orientation is done on laws governing such matters.

Director of Child Welfare in the Ministry of Gender, McKnight Kalanda highlighted that a review is currently underway on the policy level.

“The one that we have is currently under review, because of the so many challenges we face on issues of adoption but one thing we need to focus on as Malawi, is educating parents and guardians on these issues” said Kalanda.

He pointed out that many people do not understand the difference between adoption and foster care. “Adoption is different from foster care, when you say am offering my child for adoption you are saying am no longer responsible for that child” Highlighted Kalanda.



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