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Murekezi deserves a suspended sentence - Lawyer

Written by  John Namalenga jnr Mar 07, 2017

Lawyers for Rwandan genocide convict Vincent Murekezi are considering an appeal over a five year jail sentence meted out on their client on corruption charges.

The magistrates’ court in Lilongwe on Monday sentenced Murekezi in a corruption case brought to the court in 2008 by the Anti-Corruption Bureau –ACB.

Hearing of the case resumed in December last year, while answering an extradition case for a genocide charge he was convicted of in 1994 in his home country.

Giving the sentence, Principal Resident Magistrate Patrick Chirwa cited that Murekezi had embezzled money amounting to over 2 million kwacha.

Lawyer for Murekezi, Gift Katundu expressed dissatisfaction with the sentence saying Murekezi should have been given a suspended sentence.

“We will obviously appeal, if you look at the facts of the case you will find out that the co-accused is given a suspended sentence which was translated to doing community service, and the same facts, same issue, same scenario, why should Murekezi get something different? Is it because he is a foreigner?” asked Katundu.

He went on to describe the basis of the suspended sentence to the co-accused as discriminatory saying the court considered social factors.

“The court has considered social factors, just because the other person had a child who was sick, so every person who goes to court with a child who is sick, should the court be considering that? That is discrimination” added Katundu.


A fervent Katundu further highlighted that Murekezi’s case is not one of the serious offenses as it is a case involving private individuals unlike corruption cases involving public servants which is aggravated by the trust people give to them by way of trust.  

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