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Circulation of nude pictures of Malawians worries Human Rights defenders

Written by  Grace Kantchentche Mar 07, 2017

Malawians are reacting with distaste to the continued circulation and sharing of obscene pictures via social media.

The tendency has slowly but surely taking root in the society, a development that is raising fears that it could have a negative bearing on children with access to such platforms.

Last week, nude pictures of a female police officer went viral on social media, a development that shocked the public. The female police constable has since been interdicted from duty.

She is understandably answering charges of a conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline, as spelt out in the Police Act.

Not long ago, a deputy cabinet minister, Vincent Ghambi also created sensation when his nude video went viral on social media.

To this day, no disciplinary action has been taken against him, and all this went down while his boss President Mutharika was presumptuously Absent Without leave after attending the United Nations General Assembly.

The social media also circulated a picture of a woman with a coca cola bottle demonstrating what she tamed as a “lunch package” in which she used the drink bottle to arouse her sexual hormones.

Over the weekend, social media was abuzz as new pictures of a Blantyre based woman.

Spokesperson for the Malawi Police Service, James Kadadzera assures the public that action will be taken on the said constable whose pictures went viral.

“We are deeply concerned with the development, we have seen the nude pictures and proper action is being taken but for the others videos involving civilians let me consult and will get back to you” Said Kadadzera.

Critics have since pointed out that this shows how morally corrupt the modern society has become.

The public has been pilling pressure on the Malawi Police and the censorship board to make sure that people posting nude pictures on social media are held accountable.

All this however has to be guided by a specific law, which Malawi is lacking at the moment.

The public are pilling pressure on the police and the censorship Board to act on these videos. Those that spoke to capital fm highlighted the need for the Malawi censorship board to work hand in hand with the Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority (MACRA) to regulate the internet and social media platforms.

Rights activists however feel the police have not been aggressive enough in ensuring sanity and dealing with the people posting nude pictures.

The danger that lies therein is that the children could one day find themselves being victims as pedophiles, those men who pounce on unsuspecting kids, also use social media to lure their prey.

If not handled with the urgency it deserves, the continued circulation of nude pictures on social media could in the long run prove costly for Malawi.






  • Kate Mail
    Comment Link Kate Mail Thursday, 09 March 2017 09:42

    Binfer allows direct and private video sharing. No uploads anywhere. See more about sending large videos

  • toodlehub
    Comment Link toodlehub Thursday, 09 March 2017 02:58

    Malawi Government needs to understand that the root cause for allonline Image sharing is the nation waking up to internet connectivity which has global complexities and off-course national epidemic, there is no one size fits all here!

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