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Malawi Commemorates World TB Day Image sourced at

Malawi Commemorates World TB Day

Written by  Written By Rhodes MSONKHO Mar 24, 2017

Representatives of the World Health Organisation-WHO are describing concerted effort between Capital Hill and Non Governmental Organisations as key to the fight against Tuberculosis.

The observation comes as the country today joins the rest of the world to commemorate World TB day.

Activities to mark the day are taking place in Thyolo under the theme “Unite To End Tb’

Speaking on behalf of WHO, Eugene Nyarko observed that there are a lot of gaps that can only be bridged through unified efforts.

Among these challenges are weak laboratory systems and drug resistant TB.

Nyarko claims technology can go a long way in addressing such challenges.

Taking his turn, minister of health, Peter Kumpalume discloses that the government is committed to ending TB.

 He appeals to development partners to continue supporting government towards efforts to deal with the disease.

The day is designed to build public awareness about the global epidemic of  (TB) and communicate prevention measures and precautions as well as to commemorate efforts undertaken against the disease.

According to experts, the probability of the disease is higher in HIV patients, as their immune system is weaker than others. Most HIV deaths occur due to TB.

Tuberculosis can spread by being in the infectious air as the disease is an infectious one whose bacteria travel through air droplets, by way of coughing or sneezing by an infected person.


Therefore, a person who is infected should always avoid crowded, closes spaces and shift to an open environment immediately.

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