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Malawi Registers Over 900 Fatal Road Accidents

Written by  Written By Florence MWALE Mar 25, 2017

Malawi registered 962 fatal road accidents in 2016.

1122 lives were lost on the country’s roads.

This means there has been an 8% increase in fatal road accidents on the country’s roads, in comparison to the same period in 2015.

The statistics are  according to the Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services-DRTSS.

Though overall there was a decrease, the numbers are still alarming.

According to a document by the DRTSS that Capital FM has seen, the year 2016 was a ghastly year on the country’s roads.

The DRTSS recorded 5,406 road accidents, which translates to on average of 15 accidents a day.

Out of the 5000 plus, 962 were fatal, 565 caused injuries and 1,941 of them caused minor injuries.

1,921 accidents caused damage to property only.

Many of the victims of the fatal road accidents were between the age group of 25 and males.

The ones least affected were those 65 years and above.

Malawi’s central region recorded the highest number of fatal crashes and it is seconded by the southern region.

Third on the list is the eastern region, with the least number of the accidents registered in the northern region.

Lilongwe tops the list with 173 fatal crashes with Blantyre second at 107.

Ntcheu district registered only 60.

Though only three months into the New Year, the central region has already registered 90 accidents.

The days of Sunday and Mondays had the most accidents with over 150 fatal on both days.

They occurred between midnight and 5 in the morning.


In both 2015 and 2016 the main cause of the accidents is over speeding, with careless overtaking as the second cause.

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