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Kajoloweka- these events did not occur coincidentally Kajoloweka- these events did not occur coincidentally Image sourced at

Malawi Government Wants To Silence Critics-Commentators

Written by  Written By Jayne KAONGA Apr 10, 2017

Commentators believe Malawians should not disregard the attacks on some members of the civil society, which in their view could be politically motivated.

It follows a break in at the offices of Public Affairs Committee Spokesperson Peter Mulomole in Zomba district, where Millions of Kwacha and some equipment have been stolen.

This is happening just days after the Malawi Revenue Authority confiscated documents at the Institute of Public Opinion and Research in the same district, which is headed by Political Science Lecturer Boniface Dulani.

This has triggered speculation that the move could be a deliberate ploy by the current government to silence critics.

Mulomole and Dulani have lately been vocal in pressing the government on issues of public importance.

Charles Kajoloweka who is the Executive Director of Youth and Society told Capital FM that he is doubtful that the evens are just a coincidence and it is unfortunate that little or nothing is being done to get to the bottom of many similar cases in the country.

Kajoloweka adds that institutions have mandates and should not step of their boundary by using their power for shady acts.

According to Happy Kayuni who is Associate Professor of Political and Administrative Studies at Chancellor College, it is obvious that this move was premeditated.

He Professor went on to say that the break in was politically motivated and with the past trends it is not surprising, it is a way of trying to silence the critics.

Kayuni concluded by saying that the best way to resolve this is for government to stop feeling threatened by such institutions and work towards making significant progress for the country.

However Francis Kasaila who is Democratic Progressive Party spokesperson, described the critics’ views as baseless accusations.

Kasaila went on to say that politics should not be connected to robberies of prominent individuals because a lot more people get attacked and it is not blamed on the ruling party.

The DPP Spokesperson distances his party from the attacks adding it might have been the works of an opposition party trying to tarnish the ruling party’s image. 

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