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Authorities say it is baffling how the horns passed through KIA Authorities say it is baffling how the horns passed through KIA Image sourced at

Malawi Police Arrest Ten For Alleged Connection To Ivory Smuggling

Written by  Written By Jayne KAONGA Apr 13, 2017

About ten employees from the aviation sector are under arrest following the large amounts of Ivory from Malawi that has been impounded abroad.

448 Kilograms of Ivory has been confiscated in China, Vietnam and Thailand, having passed through the Kamuzu International Airport.

This comes after the department of parks and wildlife issued a statement expressing concern on the recent seizure of rhino horns in the above mentioned countries between January and March this year.

The publication pointed out a recent incident that happened in china on January 29.

This was at Pudong airport where officials seized 39 kilograms of Rhino horn.

The baggage is said to have been carried by South African Airways via OR Tambo International Airport originating from Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) in Malawi.

Another incident happened on the 13th March, whereby about 119 kilograms of Rhino horn was seized at Bai Airport in Hanoi, Vietnam.

It was stacked in two bags carried by Kenya Airways and it also originated from KIA.

Speaking to Capital FM, Director of Parks and Wildlife, Brighton Kumchedwa said it is baffling how such items pass through the airport.

He added that they are yet to understand what is really going on as such items cannot just pass through security without anyone noticing.

The department is working with the police to get to the bottom of the matter.

Kumchedwa however did not mention the names of those who are now in police custody as the matter is very sensitive.

When asked on what measures have been put in place to ensure that the practice is dealt with, the Director stated that they can only put in measures once they’ve concluded their investigations as they will have answers to all their questions.

Kumchedwa is certain that the horns that have been confiscated have not been from Malawian Rhinos.

This is because the 119kg would have to be from about ten rhinos.

Malawian’s Rhino population is a little over ten.

Ivory is a hard white material from the tusks of elephants or teeth of animals that is used in the art of manufacturing.

On the black market, a kilogram of Rhino horn costs $60,000 which is over MK43 Million. 







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