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Malawi Police Yet To Crack Case Of Fake Letter Image by Capital FM

Malawi Police Yet To Crack Case Of Fake Letter

Written by  Written By Timothy KATETA Apr 20, 2017

The police are emphasizing that they have not yet come across information revealing the person who authored a resignation letter, purportedly from the country’s Vice President.

It follows claims by government representatives that they have the details of people behind the resignation letter.

The letter, claiming that Saulos Chilima is vacating his democratically elected office, has been making rounds on social media since it surfaced over the Easter holiday.

The letter, which is addressed to President Peter Mutharika, outlines the reasons why Chilima supposedly no longer wants to work as the Vice President.

Among the reasons is what is described in the memo as dark forces within the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and state machinery and a lack of coverage by the state broadcaster.

This comes amid concern over the growing presence of fake news and dubious documents.

Malawi, just like most countries, is struggling to deal with the problem of fake news.

Speaking in an earlier interview with Capital FM, government Spokesperson who is also the minister of Information said that he knew who was behind the letter.

Dausi expressed optimism that the author would soon be revealed to the public by the law enforcers.

However, National Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera stated that they are still investigating and are yet to find the culprits.

He added that the matter is serious and is being handled with precaution.

When asked on whether they have been approached by the Minister of Information on the matter, Kadadzera said he has no knowledge of such.

Kadadzera is advising the public come forward to if they have information on the letter as it will make their work easier to find those that committed the crime.

George Mnesa who is President of the Malawi Forum for Unity and Development is faulting the claims by the government spokesperson.


Mnesa is of the view that the government should now act instead of making speculative statements.

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