Monday, 27 February 2017

Capital News (1949)

The extractive industry is contributing only less than one percent to Malawi’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), finance authorities have revealed.

The 2016/17 Farm Input and Subsidy Program (FISP) will see seven traders retailing in Ntcheu district alone.

Persons with albinism in Malawi have lost confidence in the judiciary for how it is proceeding with cases involving the killings and abductions of albinos.

The opposition in Malawi claims that it is making no progress in its plans to meet President Mutharika over socio-economic challenges facing the southern Africa nation.

The youth in Malawi have expressed concern of what they brand as lies being perpetuated by NGOs that are hoodwinking local communities in the way they implement development programs.

Media practitioners in Malawi are being encouraged to maintain professional standards and stick to ethics when discharging their duties.

There are divisions among tobacco farmers in Malawi over the future of the crop in light of the global anti smoking lobby.

Taxpayers continue to exert pressure on the government of Malawi to reveal the delegation and amount that was spent on President Mutharika’s trip to the US.

NICO Holdings Limited is pledging continued support towards the media in Malawi by providing opportunities for further studies.

The Malawi Revenue Authority says it is banking its hope on the public to expose tax evaders.

Ward Councilors in Malawi are being equipped on how they can effectively promote transparency and accountability in their councils.

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