Thursday, 25 May 2017
Malawian Man Sent To Cooler For Defilement Image sourced at

Malawian Man Sent To Cooler For Defilement

Written by Jan 20, 2017

The Phalombe First Grade Magistrate Court has sentenced a 23 year old man to 14 years Imprisonment for defiling his 11 year old stepdaughter.

According to MANA reports, the man, Dyson Macheso, from Ulolo Village, Traditional Authority Kaduya in the district, defiled the girl in December 2016 when her mother left her under his care.

Police prosecutors told the court that on the morning of the event the mother left her daughter home with her husband and went to fetch firewood where she took long.

Macheso is reported to have taken advantage of the space, and defiled the girl persuading her to keep silent by giving her money amounting to MK200.

The incident was revealed when the child’s biological father noticed that she was walking with difficulties when he came to visit her.

Magistrate Damson Banda expressed hope that the punishment would deter would be offenders.

In the year 2015, the Malawi police service registered an increase in defilement cases in the country.

This shocked international organisations which fight for children’s rights as many of the cases do not get reported to the law enforcers.

According to reports the young girls are usually abused by people they know and in some cases men they look up to as their fathers and stepfathers.


Though some non-governmental organisations have spearheaded campaigns to put an end to such acts, there is need to do more.

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