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Projects get established and phase out without leaving a mark Projects get established and phase out without leaving a mark Image by Capital FM

Karonga Residents Unimpressed By Quality Of Developmental Projects

Written by  Written By Norbert MZEMBE in Karonga district Jan 23, 2017

Social service users in Karonga have bemoaned the poor infrastructures that are being constructed by the local government.

This is through the Local Development Funds (LDF), Community Development Funds (CDF) and the District Development Funds (DDF).

It has been observed that most projects under the said programs such as construction of school blocks, road networks and teacher’s houses is being done in a very substandard way.

It is alleged that contractors steal the construction materials like cement by channeling them to their personal projects.

Such developments have provoked the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) to introduce a Public Expenditure Tracking System (PETS).

Speaking to the District Council Chairman on the matter, councilor Earnest Mwalughali said the introduction of the PET system is a welcome idea. because government funds are being inappropriately used by unscrupulous people in various areas so it will help a lot in involving the people in communities to take true ownership of the development projects by tracking the use of public funds.

“It is very important that people know the amount of money they have received and how it is being utilised on development projects to ensure that the funds are not being misused or stolen,” said the council chairperson.

Mwalughali further pointed out the poor quality of infrastructures such as roads and schools which are being constructed in the area of Senior Group Village Headman Kayuni by some crocked contractors.

It has been established that the buildings are of bad quality and have already started falling apart less than a year since they were constructed, this being to the poor mixture of cement by contractors.

For instance, when about 400 bags of cement are required for construction, the contractors end up buying less than the said quantity because no one makes follow ups to verify the purchase of the products.

Mwalughali admitted that such problems emanate from poor coordination between the district council, beneficiaries and the contractors whom since the councilors assumed their positions in 2014 they have never witnessed the three parties coming together to see how the infrastructures have been constructed before handing them over to the council.

Ironically, the Lupembe Village Development Committee chairperson (VDC), Vincent Kayuni made a mention that he is very much impressed with the development projects that are being implemented in the area under the Local Development Fund, Village Development Fund and Community Development fund.

However, the CCJP project coordinator, Innocent Nazombe told Capital FM in an exclusive interview that they are very much impressed by the communities for their participation in monitoring the development projects.

 “As a project, we are happy to see communities involved in the development projects. Their participation will help them track how development funds are being utilized and this will later make them realize that they are the true owners of the constructed facilities and be responsible when using them,” Nazombe said.

Karonga district is one of the districts in the northern region where civil society organizations are dominating with development projects but their products can neither be appreciated nor be felt by beneficiaries. 

This is because they get established and phase out without leaving a mark.

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