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Zione Mayaya Zione Mayaya Image sourced by Norbert MZEMBE

NGO’s Set To Empower Communities On Public Resource Utilisation

Written by  Written By Norbert MZEMBE Feb 22, 2017

The Development Communications Trust (DCT) in collaboration with Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) have joined hands to empower communities in the country to track funds allocated to different projects.

DCT Projects Officer revealed that they are implementing various projects across the country.

Zione Mayaya said that they are working in partnership with CCJP of Blantyre, Lilongwe and Karonga diocese.

Dubbed Enhancing Community Capacity in Tracking Public Funds, the project is using structures like Radio Listening Clubs and Area Development Committees that are in T/A Kilipula and Kyungu at Kapolo, Atupele and Mpata and Mwenilondo respectively.

The project, according to Mayaya, aims at empowering communities to be able to track development resources under Local, Community and District Development Funds.

Mayaya added that they are empowering radio listening clubs to make them able to know that the sources of the said funds are their own pockets through taxes.

"Apart from that we build their capacity to enable them to know the guidelines for these resources so that they are not left behind when implementing project," she explained.

The radio listening clubs of DCT and the star circles of CCJP are conducting awareness in their communities to replicate what they know so that citizens should be active in monitoring these resources with consideration to gender.

Concurring with Mayaya, the CCJP Field Officer, Alick Gondwe said the trainings put much into consideration women's right to participate in development projects.


The project is being funded by Tilitonse Fund through.

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