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This is not the first of such incidents This is not the first of such incidents Image sourced at

Malawian Man Mauled By Crocodile

Written by  Written By Staff Reporter Feb 27, 2017

The public is piling pressure on Parks and wildlife officials to spring into action, after a crocodile mauled to death a young man in Mangochi district.

17 year old Gift Mwandidi died after being attacked by a crocodile on the banks of Shire River.

Mangochi Police Public Relations Officer confirmed to the Malawi News Agency that the incident happened on Wednesday.

According to Inspector Rodrick Maida the deceased was bathing at Kazembe fishing dock on the shores of Shire River when the crocodile attacked and dragged him into deep waters.

Fishermen who were around rescued the man from the crocodile, but the vicious animal had left him unconscious with severe injuries on both ribs.

Mwandidi was pronounced dead on arrival at Mangochi District Hospital.

Local communities have since made an appeal to parks and wildlife officials to assist in dealing with crocodiles in the area.

This is not the first of such incidents; in 2009 a game warden at Liwonde National Park confirmed that 34 people had been killed by crocodiles in the river that year.

The Shire River is the only outlet of Lake Malawi that stretches for about 402 kilometres from Samama Village in Mangochi into the Zambezi River in Mozambique.

From Samama, the upper part of the river runs approximately 18 kilometres before it enters Lake Malombe, from where it peacefully meanders for another long distance into Zambezi River.

As the river flows from Mangochi to Mozambique, it passes through Machinga, Balaka, Mwanza Chikwawa and Nsanje, providing a source of living to a lot of Malawians from these districts.

Despite having only 10% of the country’s population connected to the electricity, the river, being source of electricity generation, has been an inspiration to millions of Malawians that are either connected or not connected to the electricity.


In is the largest river in the country.


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