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The tree planting exercise in session The tree planting exercise in session Image taken by Nobert MZEMBE

CADECOM Takes To Schools To Manage The Environment

Written by  Written By Norbert Mzembe Mar 17, 2017

The Catholic Development Commission in Malawi (CADECOM) has launched a tree planting exercise at Majighandulo full primary school in Karonga district.

This is in a bid to combat the effects of climate change.

The development comes barely three weeks after the ministry of agriculture and water development through Karonga Agriculture Development Division (KRADD) launched a similar exercise in the same district under the theme, “Agroforestry for improved food security and climate change adaptation.”

The Catholic institution has already planted over 1000 trees at the aforementioned school this year.

Speaking to Capital FM after the launch, the Project’s Officer, Elija Banda said as an organization, they are striving to replenish the degraded environment by planting trees in various schools with support from pupils and in other places which have been left bare.

Banda therefore pleaded with community members to take ownership of the trees they planted by ensuring that they are well protected.

“We have done our part and it is our wish to ask community members and their chiefs to make sure that domesticated animals are not browsing the woodlots that we have just plated.”

“It is therefore the duty of chiefs to formulate the bylaws that would help protect these trees,” Banda said.

In the same scenario, Banda advised the citizenry to be economical in using fuel wood for domestic purposes by using Changuchangu Energy Efficient Stoves that only require about three small pieces of firewood to prepare a meal enough for almost a family of five individuals.

One of the teachers at the school, Davie Ngosi who doubles as a patron for CADECOM, said as teachers they will make sure that no single tree dies from those that have been planted.

They promised to ensure that pupils and their parents supply water to the newly planted trees in case the rains become erratic so that they all grow well.

In the past years, Karonga has been hit natural disasters emanating from adverse effects of climate change.

But this year people in the district are anticipating reduced effects.



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