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Mwambulambo coal mine Mwambulambo coal mine Image taken by Nobert MZEMBE

Capital Hill Under Pressure From Karonga Residents

Written by  Written By Norbert MZEMBE Mar 20, 2017

The Malawi government is coming under pressure from residents of Mwabulambo in Karonga district.

They are demanding its intervention in the challenges they are coming across in their area.

The residents are failing to find portable water and good fertile land for farming because the area is polluted and degraded due to poor mining activities.

These are mainly such as finding portable water and good fertile land for farming

The Mwabulambo Coal Mining is said to leave a lot to be desired as the company has abandoned it leaving the mining pits unfilled.

This is contrary to the mining laws that partly stipulate that the mining investors are supposed to protect the environment by filling up pits dug up when they mine.

According to reports from the district council and stakeholders, government is doing nothing to help the community members come out of the menace.

They are only being encouraged to bury the pits that were dug by machines using hoes.

One of the concerned women in the area, Florence Ngosi laments that they are walking long distances of about 2 kilometres to fetch either clean water or firewood for domestic purposes.

Cases of Malaria are also on the rise because the area has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

“We are asking government to consider us with the provision of clean water. For how long are we going to face these challenges in our own land in the guise of development which does not even benefit us?” Ngosi rhetorically asked.

After being trained by the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP), Ngosi said she is now equipped with knowledge of how to handle such situations so that authorities swiftly act.

In his words, the CCJP desk officer in the district, Louis Nkhata said they have decided to train the youth and women because young people make up for most of the population and women are usually not included in such activities.

He said it is very naïve to say that women and young people should not take part in decision-making processes because that is one of their basic rights that are enshrined in the statute of the republic of Malawi.

Nkhata told Capital FM that this is the right time to groom them so they start contributing towards the development of the country now and not tomorrow as it has become a cliché that youths are leaders of tomorrow and that, women are the tails hence their decisions and contributions to developmental projects baseless.


Concurring with Nkhata, the CCJP Oxfam Extractives Project’s Officer, Innocent Nazombe said it is high time women are taken as recipients and not contributors. 

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