Thursday, 25 May 2017

Chitipa District Council Raises Concern Over Developmental Projects

Written by  Written By Norbert MZEMBE Mar 22, 2017

The Chitipa district council has admitted that the development projects that are taking place in the district are not up to standard.

This has been revealed through the recent report which the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) released through its Public Expenditure Tracking Project citing the substandard development projects which are being implemented under the local, district and community development funds (LDF, CDF and DDF).

According to the report filed by the Project officer, Abel Malumbila, several infrastructures like bridges, school blocks, toilets and health facilities that were constructed through the aforementioned funds have already been dilapidated before their launch.

In his words, the Director of Planning and Development (DPD) for Chitipa District Council, Tamanya Harawa said the report is quite comprehensive but lacks financial aspects.  

“Well, the report is quite good but there are some areas that require improvements but all in all that is an eye opener and that could be my reaction,” said Harawa.

He however said the key challenge to development projects is on how to identify the contractors to do the work based on the guidelines of community development and other development funds.

He explained that the kind of development that they have in Chitipa in some case is like a piece meal kind of development where mostly the contractors that are usually engaged lack expertise to carry out the work beside lack of participation by community members in the whole process.

Harawa therefore attributed this challenge to poor infrastructure development standards as contractors fail to maintain quality standards.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Chitipa-Wenya constituency, Godfrey Munkhonyda also raised a concern on the report findings of the CCJP saying that it lacked some information thereby making them focus only on the infrastructure and not the financial aspect.

the legislator made a mention that when a finance report is being prepared it must be backed up with the physical progress.


He further said in Chitipa, they have three sources of funds, the District, Community and Local Development fund.

Now, on CDF, the projects may be deemed substandard because they are local projects initiated by the community sometimes you may find that they have already constructed a teacher’s house using local materials like mud and they just have to ask the MP to supply iron sheets so the project may not be regarded as high standard.

According to Munkhonyda, the problem is mainly with the authorities because they are not able to raise the much needed funding to meet some operations.


That is one of the reasons why for a longer period of time to get funding from government, this in turn affects quality of the projects.

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