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Malawi's Environmental Conservation Program To Empower Local Communities

Written by  Written By Blessings KANG'OMBE Mar 22, 2017

Authorities in Malawi's central region district of Ntcheu are of the view that empowering local communities economically will help in conserving and restoring the environment in the district.

This comes as human activities like wanton cutting down of trees for charcoal burning, bush fires, timber production for livelihoods sustainability have contributed to the depletion of trees.

The development is said to have also contributed negatively to climate change hence floods, drought, erratic rains among others are order of the day.

It is against this background that Shire River Basin Management Program through Community Environment Conservation Fund (CECF) under catchment management component has disbursed about MK1.4 Million to be shared among four Village Level Action Plan groups (VLAP).

The VLAP groups are under Gochi Project Implementation Committee (PIC) which stems from Traditional Authority Mpando in the district.

The component is aimed at rehabilitating and managing targeted catchment and protected areas for reduced erosion and improved livelihoods.

Speaking to Capital FM, Ntcheu district Director of Planning and Development (DPD) stated that through the money, participating communities will be lending and borrowing each other to sustain their day to day livelihoods.

Abubakar Nkhoma stressed that in the long run the move will help conserv natural resources in the areas that have been impacted.

"Participating communities in impact areas are being encouraged to restore the environment which for the past years has been destroyed due to human activities.

"And through the fund they are tasked to plant trees, vertical grass among other vegetative covers long rivers catchment areas," Nkhoma explained.

The district’s Director therefore advised communities not to get carried away with the funds but express a hard working spirit in conserving natural resource in their respective areas.

Gochi PIC chairperson described the funds as a motivational factor stating it will go a long way in distancing communities from taking part in activities that are destroying an already depleted environment.

George Chaona therefore urged participating communities to take guard of the funds thereby desist from abusing them in a bid to restore the environment.

Shire River Basin Management Program is a state run program and funded by the World Bank.

The program is aimed at conserving and improving environmental management of natural resources that are along or contribute to the life span of Shire River.


It is being implemented in the districts of Zomba, Neno, Blantyre, Machinga, Chikhwawa, Nsanje and Ntcheu respectively.

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