Thursday, 25 May 2017
Nyirenda receiving his school uniform Nyirenda receiving his school uniform Image taken by Nobert MZEMBE

Learners With Albinism Being Bullied In Malawi

Written by  Written by Norbert MZEMBE in Karonga May 08, 2017

Learners with albinism at Chilumba secondary school in Karonga district have expressed concern over the mistreatment that they receive from their peers.

They allege that that they are verbally bullied at school.

One of the learners,  an 18 year old Waleke Nyirenda who is in  form 3 told Capital FM that he is facing challenges in his pursuit for an education.

These include psychological trauma, direct sun and poor sight as his classmates accidentally broke his glasses.

In trying to minimise the problems Nyirenda is facing, a grouping of the National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Volunteers from Ngerenge block have donated a long sleeved school uniform to the victim which encouraged him not to drop out of school.

Nyirenda said the donation will help him work hard in school so that he should also do the same in future when educated.

Chairperson of Ngerenge Block NICE volunteers, Webster Simwela said the exercise was just the genesis of their plans to support people with albinism in the district to make them live a peaceful life like any other person.

Concurring with Simwela, speaking after the donation, the Karonga district NICE coordinator Christobel Shawa said they are obliged to continue providing technical support to their volunteers so that they reach out to many people with albinism.

“This is just the beginning of the chapter. NICE will continue supporting these volunteers with technical support that they may need in fundraising the money so that they are able to reach out to all people with albinism in the district,” said Shawa.

She however bemoaned the conduct allegedly being showcased by pupils at Chilumba Secondary School towards learners with albinism arguing that they did not choose to be born like that.


According to Shawa, basing on the previous statistics from Karonga police station, there are about 25 people with albinism in the district.

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