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Activists question police report on Msundwe

Gender and women’s rights groups are poking holes into the Malawi Police Service report into the Msundwe sexual abuse scandal.
18 women and girls were reportedly sexually abused by the police in Msundwe, Mbwatalika and Mpingu areas in Lilongwe in October 2019.
An investigation by the Malawi Human Rights Commission-MHRC implicated police officers who were on duty to restore order after political riots.
The rape survivors have since received compensation from the government amounting to K376 million including legal fees to the lawyers.

Banda: the report cannot be trusted
But a recently released police report, describes the allegations as a mere fabrication against the police.
NGO-Gender Coordination Network-GCN Chairperson Barbara Banda stresses that the police report cannot be trusted.
She adds that they have always opposed the idea of the police investigating a criminal accusation leveled against their own.
Youth and Society-YAS Executive Director Charles Kajoloweka believes the police are so desperate to clear their image.
The organisation further questions why it took the police too long to release the report despite numerous calls.
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