Judges' bribe attempt wont affect elections case: Malawi Judiciary

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The judiciary is emphasizing that the bribery allegations being pursued by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) will not affect the ruling of the presidential elections case.

Judgement is expected between January 27th and February 3rd

The ACB on Thursday morning worked to have top banker Thomson Mpinganjira rearrested after a magistrate court released him from a police cell late last night.

His midnight release as it is being called on mainstream and social media came after a day of drama when crowds jeered him when he was arrested and bundled into a car under military police escort.

He was taken to Blantyre Police Station following allegations that he was one of the persons who were involved in attempts to bribe judges presiding over the elections case.

A magistrate’s court in Zomba around midnight however granted one of his lawyers an order quashing the ACB warrant of arrest.

There have been fears in the public domain that the developments have the potential to affect the outcome of the case.


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