Nkosi throws MEC "under the bus"

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By Florence Mwale

Commissioner of the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Mary Nkosi on Monday morning appeared before the Public Appointments Committee of Parliament to answer questions on the misnagement of the tripartite elections which were held last year.

This follows last week’s constitutional court verdict which annulled the presidential polls.

The court cited irregularities which ranged from the use of correctional fluid popularly known as Tippex and announcement of unaudited results.

During the meeting, Nkosi admitted that some of the decisions that were made by MEC were flawed.

She explained that after receiving numerous complaints they should have sought a court order to grant them a time extension for tabulating the results of the May 21 elections.

Nkosi also revealed that Commissioners only signed the final result sheet that declared Peter Mutharika on the morning of his swearing in ceremony.

The told the committee, “I signed the form declaring Muthaarika President because I did not know we had to sign forms because it was not part of the procedure.”

“We were not given a proper outline of the procedures and our duties as commissioners,” Nkosi added.

She has claimed that that none of the Commissioners remembered that there was such a form that needed to be signed before announcement of the final results.

MEC initialy said it would not meet with the Committee but rescinded its decision.







I signed the form declaring peter as President.

I did not know we had to sign forms because it was not part of the procedure



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