Mozambique deports 23 Malawians

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By Wezi Nyirongo Chamanza

Immigration authorities in Mozambique have deported 23 Malawian nationals.

The group comprising 21 men and 2 women was arrested in Chimoio, Manica province and they arrived here in Malawi through the Mwanza border on Saturday.

They were found in a cargo van, contravening the laws of Mozambique whilst in transit to South Africa.

In a statement, Mwanza border Immigration publicist Pasqually Zulu explains that among the group, one had no any travel document. 

Zulu says one of the deportees indicated that they have been in custody close to a week.

He reveals that the deportees were from Mangochi and Machinga districts and therefore advises travellers to use proper border areas including documents.



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