Malawi Parliamentarians to face punishment after brawl

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At least two more members of parliament are on Friday expected to be expelled from the house for Thursday's fist fight.

Yesterday Speaker Catherine Gotani Hara suspended proceedings after Machinga Central East MP Daud Chikwanje refused to march out of the chamber.

Chikwanje allegedly uttered unparliamentary language towards the clerks.

Also at the centre of the controversy were deputy Minister of Transport Charles Mchacha, Minister of Sports, Francis Phiso and legislator, Sameer Suleiman.

Gotani Hara then called for an emergency business committee meeting to map the way forward.

The business committee has resolved that Chikwanje be barred from the national assembly for two sittings for refusing to march out.

On the other hand, Mchacha faced a similar punishment for grabbing the masse from the sergeant at arms.

Phiso and Suleiman will face disciplinary action by the parliamentary services commission for manhandling secretariat officials.

Members of the public are since reacting with disgust to what is being described as unacceptable and disgraceful conduct displayed in parliament by some law makers including cabinet ministers.

Leader of the house, Kondwani Nankhumwa was not immediately available for comment.



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