Mzimba police arrest alleged attackers of woman with albinism

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Police in Mzimba district have arrested three people and recovered one of the two toes that were chopped off from a woman with albinism in the district on last weekend.

The three have since confessed to have committed the crime and are in police custody as investigations continue.

In a statement, northern region police Publicist Peter Kalaya indentifies them as Fumu Nyirenda, 42, Eliya Mwandira, 22, and 34-year-old herbalist Kaphaso Nyirenda.

First to be arrested were Fumu Nyirenda and Mwandira, who upon interrogations confessed and revealed that they had taken the toes to herbalist Kaphaso Nyirenda.

The recovered toe has since been sent to Mzimba District Hospital for analysis and preservation.

The victim, Tafwauli Ngoma, 92, was attacked at her home in Mzimba when she was making fire in the kitchen.

Kalaya assures the public that they are doing everything to ensure their safety all time.

Fumu Nyirenda, and Eliya Mwandira, come from Kapopo Village, while Kaphaso Nyirenda, hails from

Jajechisi Village, all from TA Mbelwa in Mzimba District.

The government along with the Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare recently condemned the attack describing it as inhumane.

People with albinism are usually targeted over beliefs that their body parts can make one wealthy.


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