Coronavirus: Malawi registers fourth case

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Malawi has now registered four confirmed cases of coronavirus.

This follows the revelation of one more case in Blantyre, 72 hours after authorities confirmed the first three cases in Lilongwe.

The Minister of Health Jappie Mhango told journalists today in Lilongwe that the new case involves a 19 year person who arrived in the country from the UK. 

According to Mhango, the person was in self-quarantine and was tested positive at the College of Medicine yesterday.

But Mhango and the entire Special Cabinet Committee on coronavirus refused to give full details of the patient, for fear of discrimination.

Meanwhile, doctors are tracing people who have been in contact with the patient for testing.

Meanwhile, President of the Society of Medical Doctors (SMD) Amos Nyaka is refusing to clearly explain reasons for his resignation from the position.

Nyaka, one of the country’s top ophthalmologists, has quit his position with immediate effect today. 

His decision comes a day after he wrote the Special Cabinet Committee on Covid-19 asking for an audience to discuss issues relating to the pandemic.

The audience, which Nyaka suggested to be granted before or on 6 April, was to include the SMD, the Malawi Environmental Health Association and the Malawi Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists in the committee.

In his resignation letter addressed to the Society’s secretary general, Nyaka only cites what he describes as demands of his public service to the nation in the context of rapidly evolving events in the country.


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