Justice Ministry defends Mutharika

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 The Ministry of Justice is defending the move by President Mutharika to declare Malawi a state of disaster.

This comes after Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda faulted APM for using archaic laws in declaring a state of disaster over Malawi and keeping the public in the dark on the laws he was using.

Nyirenda emphasizes that applicable laws were out-dated hence Mutharika should not have declared a disaster over Malawi as he could be sued.

Mutharika declaration led to a ban on gatherings of over one hundred people as well as closure of schools, among others.

In a statement Ministry of Justice Spokesperson Pilirani Masanjala emphasizes that Mutharika used section 32 of the Disaster Preparedness Act.

The section states that if the public is likely to be affected by a disaster in any area within Malawi or if circumstances are likely to arise, making such measures necessary, then the president may in such manner as he considers fit declare a state of disaster.


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