ActionAid Malawi warns of fraudsters

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By Florence Mwale

ActionAid Malawi threatens to take legal action against alleged fraudsters who have been soliciting money from unsuspecting individuals.ised grants and jobs from the organisation.

In a statement, ActionAid Malawi’s Executive Director Assan Golowa explains that the fraudsters have been masquerading as staff from the organisation.

They have been soliciting money and other bribes promising people employment and grants for their institutions.

The organisation has since dissociated itself from such fraudsters indicating that it will take legal action against anyone found using its name in criminal activities.

Golowa emphasises that ActionAid Malawi does not demand any favour or bribe in its recruitment, procurement, grant or any engagement.

He appeals to the public to report such matters to the organisation or report using the Tip-offs anonymous line.

Action Aid is a global justice federation working to achieve social justice, gender equity and poverty eradication.

It was founded as a UK charity organisation in 1972 and started operating in the country in 1991.



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