five manufacturers given go ahead to produce hand sanitizers

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By Florence Mwale

The Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) has given five manufacturers a go ahead to continue production of hand sanitizers.

This follows the adoption of a draft of standards for disinfectants, Antiseptics and Bleaches.

This is due to the influx of hand sanitizers on the market in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier this week, the Malawi Bureau of Standards held a meeting with various stakeholders to draft a standard for alcohol based hand sanitizers.

At the meeting stakeholders agreed to develop the draft standards based on an African Regional Standard.

Before this, the country had no quality or safety standard for the product.

In a statement, the MBS Director General Simon Mandala discloses that the draft will soon be submitted to them for approval.

Several samples have however been tested based on the draft and the MBS has found that some are conforming while others are not.

Manufacturers that have conformed include Ethanol Company, KenChem and Kadora Enterprises.

The others are Purity Sanitary Products Company Limited and Charma Chemicals and Distributors.

In the meantime, MBS will be working hand in hand with the Ministry of Health on how best to handle the produced sanitizers.

The Ministry will have control of the production and distribution of the hand sanitizers across the country.

All manufacturers and distributors will therefore have to seek approval from the ministry to sale and distribute the product for public use.

Mandala further explains that the manufacturers will be requested to submit product samples to them for testing.

After this, test reports will be sent back to the ministry informing them on whether or not a particular manufacturer should continue production, distribution and sale of the product.

According to Mandala, the MBS is currently testing more brands of sanitizers from other suppliers which will soon be added to the list of those that have been approved.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a spike in demand for hand sanitizers which are used to enhance hand hygiene.







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