APM's bodyguard speaks out

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By Jayne Kaonga

President Peter Mutharika’s top bodyguard, Norman Chisale speaks out on accusations that he is a stumbling block for people intending to meet his boss.

A video clip has gone viral on social media in which some youthful members of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) are expressing their displeasure with Chisale’s alleged conduct of fencing the president.

Members of the public have however not reacted with surprise as widespread roadside talk has for a long time alluded to Chisale’s strong influences to the presidency, as well as First Lady Gertrude Mutharika. 

Speaking to Capital FM in a telephone interview Chisale expressed concern over the allegation and denied the claims.

‘‘People do not know me, they do not know that I am a God fearing man, people have various perceptions of me, and those perceptions are not true,” Chisale said.

He added: “The stories about me circulating on social media are not true, I do not make arrangements for people to meet the president or facilitate loans.”

Some angry members of the DPP recently held demonstrations at Luchenza, which is part of the party’s stronghold, demanding that Chisale steps down.

When asked to comment on the matter Nicholas Dausi who speaks for the DPP declined to give to give the party’s side on the matter.

Critics however suggest that people propagating the removal of the bodyguard are being sponsored by some disgruntled senior members of the party.

Political commentator Vincent Kondowe have since challenged the party’s leadership to sort out widespread intraparty disputes, stressing that the recent development is an indication of divisions within. 

He warns that the developments are a recipe for the party’s downfall.

Kondowe suggests immediate resolve of the disagreements before things get out of hand.




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