Asian traders reopen shops

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Some traders who are members of the Asian Business Community have started reopening their shops to the public.

Earlier this month, the umbrella body of such traders announced a suspension of business activities and a partial lockdown as a way of preventing further spread of the coronavirus.

Among the measures to be followed were that people over the age 53 must not leave their homes for 14 days and also that only breadwinner should be allowed to go out.

It was agreed that those who violate this arrangement will be fined MK500, 000

However spot checks by Capital FM have found some Chinese shops which were also closed have opened for consumers despite the lockdown still being in force

Those that have spoken to our reporters disclose that they felt that they were not copping and losing out on business, hence their opening before the agreed date.

Most of the traders in this category usually travel abroad, including to Wuhan where the virus started, to order their merchandize, hence being at high risk.

Meanwhile the leadership of the association is yet to comment on the matter.


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