Malawians call for Ministers' resignation after video leaks online

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Two cabinet ministers are facing pressure to resign and protect their integrity following a leaked video clip exposing them on issues of allowances.

Health Minister Jappie Mhango and Information Minister Mark Botomani attempted to lie on hefty allowances they receive on a daily basis.

This is in regard to their involvement in the restructured special cabinet committee on the coronavirus pandemic.

Botomani, the government spokesperson has on several occasions vehemently denied pocketing allowances for doing their work in relation to the pandemic.

But a leaked document revealed that the cabinet ministers pocket K450 thousand per day while legislators from the health committee get K350, 000.

And the video clip implicates them, as they tried to cover up the matter.

The money is reportedly drawn from funds that were donated by the international community to mitigate the country's efforts against the pandemic.

When contacted for a comment on calls to resign Botomani said he would comment in the afternoon, but has not answered his mobile since publication of this story.

Malawi Health Equity Network (MHEN) Executive Director George Jobe discloses that it will use the video as an exhibit in its inquiry with the Treasury.

“We have seen the video clip and noted the discussion on the fuel allowance, we will try to find out how much it is that they were talking about.”

“We are also going to authenticate the find to find out if it is legit and then map a way forward after that,” Jobe explained.

Meanwhile, a Chancellor College political science lecturer Mustapha Hussein stresses that the leaked video exposes the lack of transparency in the officials.

He suggests increased transparency from the government to win back the public’s trust especially on such sensitive matters.


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