CAMA turns to minister over water woes

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By Jayne Kaonga

The Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) reveals it has met with the Minister of Irrigation and Water Development Charles Mchacha over water woes that have rocked the cities of Blantyre and Lilongwe.

Several weeks ago a corpse was found at Blantyre Water Board’s Ndirande facility.

The incident raised fears over the quality of water being distributed despite the board insisting that the corpse was not found in the water that was meant for distribution.

However, reports from members of the community and the police indicated that the corpse was found decomposing in water.

In the capital, Lilongwe consumers have also been complaining about dirty water coming out of their taps.

Speaking to Capital FM after meeting with the Minister, CAMA’s Executive Director John Kapito said the matter was sent there due to the unsatisfactory responses he had been receiving from the water boards.

“We have explained our dissatisfaction to the Minister and he has taken note of on the matter and I am sure he will meet with me again,” Kapito said.

“All we expect from the water boards is supply of clean water but unfortunately we are getting the opposite, we are only demanding clean and portable water from them and nothing more,” he added

Critics have time and again accused the two water boards of taking their customers for granted despite operating on their taxes.

The stance by CAMA comes about two years after an inquiry confirmed that several residents in Lilongwe were supplied with water contaminated by sewage.


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